what is the best internet provider

What is the Best Internet Provider?

6 Great Options for High-Speed Internet

Having a solid internet these days is a must-have. There’s no question about it. Whether you're clocking in from your home office, doing schoolwork online or just keeping in touch with loved ones, you need a reliable connection. There's a whole lot to think about: what is the best internet provider, how much it'll cost you, how fast it goes and even the difference between upload and download speeds. To make your life easier, we've rounded up the top 5 internet service providers of 2023. Take a look and find your match!

5 Best Internet Providers

1. LiveOak Fiber

If you're looking for high-speed reliable internet, LiveOak Fiber is a great choice. LiveOak Fiber Internet offers unparalleled technology regardless of the plan you choose, delivering superior speeds for both downloads and uploads compared to other providers. Here are things you can expect:

  • Experience uninterrupted streaming with LiveOak Fiber's industry-leading speeds of up to 5 Gbps.
  • Enjoy unlimited data without artificial caps or slowdowns, even during peak hours.
  • Opt for hassle-free month-to-month pricing with no annual contracts required for residential customers.
  • Rest assured with transparent pricing—no hidden installation, setup or activation fees.
  • Benefit from symmetric upload and download speeds, enabling faster file sharing and email transfers.

2. Cox Communications

Cox Communication is a solid pick if you're searching for what is the best internet provider. They deliver fast internet speeds using the lines already in your neighborhood. Plus, they've got package deals that bundle TV and digital services for a reasonable price.

Their cheapest plan is just $49.99, and you can get their service in 18 states, mainly in places like Arizona, Virginia and California.


  • You can pick and choose your internet package.
  • Netflix says they're number one, so streaming is a breeze.
  • Do you have kids in K-12? They offer special discounted packages.


  • Sometimes, the lines can get jammed up with too much traffic.
  • The staff is sometimes up to snuff.

3. AT&T Internet

AT&T Internet is at the top of our list of the best home internet options for good reasons: it's affordable, customer service is excellent and they offer many different plans to fit your needs. Plus, you don't have to lock into a yearly contract, so you can switch things up or cancel anytime without a hassle. They've got phone help, live chat and even store appointments that are easy to set up.

Their cheapest plan starts at $55, and they're up and running in 21 states.


  • You can bundle it with DirectTV and a landline if you want.
  • They offer super-fast fiber and DSL options, but DSL is only in some places.
  • No need to commit for a whole year.


  • Some users report that the internet goes down more often than they'd like.

4. Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios uses 100% fiber optic tech in 9 states, mainly on the East Coast, to bring you super-fast and reliable internet. Their system hooks into local networks before coming into your home through a cable. Their cheapest plan will only cost you $24.99.


  • No need to sign a year-long contract.
  • Speedy and dependable internet.
  • There are no data caps, so surf and stream all you want.


  • It is only available in certain East Coast areas.
  • There are no discounts if you bundle it with a TV.
  • They charge a bit more for their equipment.

5. Comcast Xfinity

Xfinity is a big name you've probably heard of. They're not just big because they offer internet, phone and wireless services; they're also one of the largest providers in the U.S., serving over 50 million people in 40 states, especially in places like California, Florida, Illinois and Washington, DC.

They offer super-fast internet speeds up to 1,200 Mbps for cable and 2,000 Mbps for fiber. The best part? Their cheapest plan starts at 35 dollars.


  • No need for long-term contracts.
  • You can use your modem.
  • They have Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country.


  • Prices and plans can change depending on where you live.
  • They charge extra for their equipment.
  • Watch out for the 1.2 TB data limit on many of their plans.

6. T-Mobile Home Internet

T-Mobile Home Internet provides quick internet using their 4G LTE and 5G networks that already cover most of the country. They've got service for up to 30 million homes in big cities and rural spots where you might not get regular DSL. Their cheapest plan is 50 USD and is up for grabs in 27 states.


  • Uses fast 4G LTE and 5G networks.
  • Easy to set up yourself.
  • No extra costs for equipment.


  • Your area might not get service if it's super crowded.
  • Customer service can respond slowly.

What is an Internet Service Provider?

An Internet Service Provider, or ISP, is the company that gets you onto the Internet. Think of them as your gateway to all things online. You pay them a monthly fee, and they make sure you can browse the web, stream movies and stay connected with friends and family. They're the ones who turn the internet "on" for you at home.

Now, let’s move to some of the best internet providers and see their pros, cons and internet plans:

What to Consider Before You Choose?

Before you jump in and pick a provider, there are a few things to consider:


One of the most crucial factors in choosing an internet provider is speed. You want high-speed internet, a fast connection for streaming, gaming or Zoom meetings for work. Slow internet is a headache nobody wants to deal with.

Check Your Zip Code

Not all providers are available everywhere. Make sure the one you're eyeing serves your area.

Assess Your Needs

Look at your internet habits. Do you stream a lot? Game online? Or check your email and surf the web?


Consider how much you're willing to pay. The best service might not be the most affordable.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best internet service provider is more than just high speeds and a stable connection—although those are important. It's also about finding a service that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Each provider offers something different, from fiber internet to customizable internet plans. So, check your zip code, assess your needs and make an informed decision.