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Don’t Overlook the PC Gaming World: 10 of the Best Games on Steam

PC Gaming Has a Lot to Offer

Over the years personal computers have seen a lot of upgrades: powerful processors, increased storage capacity, better graphics and higher memory. With all this power, people have been able to enjoy fast-paced, detail-oriented computer games, especially if they opt to build their own computers. Do you even remember when our games were pixelated, and the maximum requirements of the game were 4 GB of ram and 20 GB of storage?

Let's be honest here, we should thank the computer companies and Steam. Steam is a digital distribution platform operated by Valve Corp (which offers digital rights, video streaming, and multiplayer gaming). Steam changed the market for computer games.

Before Steam, we used to buy compact disks to install and play a game, but now all we need is a Steam account, credit cards, and a computer that can handle the system requirements.

Fast forward to 2018, where PC games are competing against console games. Now, let's take a look at some of the best Steam games out there.

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds ($29.99)

When it comes to online, battle royale-style gameplay, PlayerUnkowns Battlegrounds is the best game available on Steam (sorry, Fortnite). The name may sound bad, but its gameplay is awesome. This game lets players shoot each other, loot items, and survive until they are the last man standing.

You can also play with your friends via squad mode and stream your gameplay to show off your skills to the world. PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is the most addictive game available on Steam right now.

Rocket League ($19.99)

Imagine a sci-fi soccer game where your character is not a person, but a car. Yes, this game exists, and it’s called Rocket League. Rocket League is all about remote-controlled cars that can knock a giant football toward the goal. This game was slowly losing its player base, but a couple of tweaks and upgrades made this game popular again, especially after it was released on PS4.

The game mechanics are simple, and really, who doesn't want to use cars to play soccer during their free time?