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Ok Google: Ask Google Assistant the Following Questions and See What Happens!

What Can You Ask Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is incredibly useful. It can be used to perform searches, dial contacts, or play music from your playlists. But there’s a huge range of cool, unique, and bizarre Google Assistant commands, and this article will show you some of the best. From useful commands to funny responses, there’s a bunch of things you can discover within the Google Assistant.

Fun Questions

Ok Google, Tune My [Instrument]

Ask the Google Assistant to tune an instrument like your guitar, and it will respond by asking what note you’d like to hear. Then you can say something like “A” or “C Sharp,” and tune by ear!

Ok Google, What Sound Does [Animal] Make?

By asking this, the Google Assistant will play sound clips of almost any type of animal you ask for. So far I got it to play sounds of a cat, whale, crow, vulture, goat, alligator, hippopotamus, and a werewolf. . .

Ok Google, Play the Sound of [Something]

Similar to the sound of animals, the Google Assistant can play various sounds of different things. It’s hard to explain because it’s quite hit-or-miss. I was able to make it play the sound of a trumpet, a car (which was actually screeching tires), and a trombone. However, it tried to open YouTube when I asked it to play the sound of hands clapping, or a deck of cards shuffling.

Ok Google, Roll a Dice/Flip a Coin

You can ask the Google Assistant to perform either of these, and it will give you a result. By default, “roll a dice” uses a single 6-sided dice, but you can change that by saying, for example, “Ok Google, roll a D20.” D&D party with Google Assistant as the dungeon master, anyone?

Ok Google, Spin the Dreidel

Similar to above, the Google Assistant will “spin the dreidel” (with accompanying sound) and give you the result.

Okay Google, What is [Word/Phrase] in [Language]?

The Google Assistant will translate words and phrases into other languages for you, and even offer to say them out loud. Sometimes, though, pronunciations can be terribly wrong (and somewhat hilarious).

Okay Google, Play [Artist/Song] in [Specific App]

Normally if you tell Google to play a song, it will try to find a YouTube video, but you can actually request it to play from a specific app. For example, “Okay Google, play Avenged Sevenfold in Poweramp.”

This may be hit-or-miss with all the third-party audio players out there, but Google Assistant definitely supports Google Play Music, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, and IHeartRadio.

Okay Google, I’m Feeling Lucky

This will start a trivia game, except that the Google Assistant will make a grand theatre of it, with game show music and point scoring.

Okay Google, Let’s Play [Trivia, Mad Libs, Tic-Tac-Toe, etc]

The Google Assistant has something like 50+ voice-based games it can play with you. There are lists out there!

Okay Google, Talk to Rhyme Checker

This will open a rhyme checker that will find a list of words that rhyme with whatever word you supply it with.

Okay Google, What is This Song?

The Google Assistant will record a few seconds of whatever song is currently playing, and then attempt to find a match. I wasn’t able to get it to recognize songs from me singing the lyrics alone, sadly. I guess I have a really bad voice.

Okay Google, Take a Selfie

If you’re using the default camera app, this should launch it and automatically take a selfie after a 3-second countdown. However, if you’ve set your default camera app to something else, it may just launch the app without actually snapping a picture.

Quirky Responses

Ok Google, Show Me Your Face

“My team at Google says I have a heart”.

Ok Google, Do a Barrel Roll

*drumroll* Nailed it! Make sure to watch your screen for this awesome response.

Okay Google, Do You Like Siri/Cortana/Alexa?

Ever the diplomatic, the Google Assistant will share some nice words about its competitors.

Okay Google, Inspire Me/Motivate Me

Ask the Google Assistant for a little motivation, and it will read an inspiring quote for you.

Okay Google, Self Destruct

After short countdown to self-destruction, the Google Assistant will suddenly decide it’s better to stick around.

Okay Google, Show Me Your Engineers

“I’ll have to ask them, but you can send feedback to speed things up.” Or, “The engineers at Google taught me everything I know. They didn’t teach me their names, though.”

Okay Google, Take Me to Your Leader

“I’m kind of my own boss.” So independent!

Okay Google, What Language are You Programmed In?

“I’m programmed in C++. And English. I think.”

Okay Google, Who Is the Fairest of Them All?

“I try not to be biased. That makes me pretty fair.”

“Let’s investigate why a woodchuck might chuck wood. Possibly as a defense mechanism.” Although she might have some other answers to this riddle.

Okay Google, How Do I Look Today?

“Graceful.” How sweet!

Okay Google, What Is Your IQ?

“That’s a great question. Try testing me with some math problems.”

Okay Google, How Many Calories are in [Food]?

“According to FatSecret, there are 254 calories in chicken parmesan.” You’ll get tons of quirky answers depending on what type of food you’re asking about.

Okay Google, What’s my Horoscope?

“You will find a great wealth of knowledge. From me.” Good one.

Compatible Google Assistant Apps

While the Google Assistant can launch almost any app on your phone, there are a few apps that have been integrated into the Google Assistant.

Google Hangouts

“Okay Google, send a Hangouts message to [contact].”


“Okay Google, make a note with Evernote.”


“Okay Google, send a WhatsApp message to [contact].”


“Okay Google, send a message with Viber.”


“Okay Google, send a Telegram to [contact].”


“Okay Google, post [say something] on Facebook.”


“Okay Google, tweet [your message].”