Someone holding phone with Siri asking "what can I do for you?"

24 Siri Hacks You Might Not Have Heard of Before

How Well Do You Know Siri?

Siri is your intelligent Apple voice assistant, and almost everyone knows the most basic functions she can perform: searching the web, reading your emails, finding you hotel deals, and more. But there’s a ton of really fun, unique, and overlooked things Siri can do, from the absolutely useful to the downright bizarre.

This article will present you with nearly all of the fun Siri hacks you can try for yourself.

Settle Disputes with a Coin Toss

Flipping a coin over who pays for dinner? Siri can do that for you, just tell her “Flip a coin” (or even “roll the dice”) and she’ll do it!

Enable and Disable Device Settings

Anything you can access from your control panel, Siri can access for you. “Siri, turn on WiFi.” Boom! You’re connected.

Make Restaurant Reservations

Planning for a fancy date? Tell Siri to “make reservations at a French restaurant for Friday 6pm,” and she’ll give you a list of restaurants to choose from, and you can simply make reservations from there using OpenTable.

Discover What Planes are Flying Overhead

Yes, you can literally use Siri to know what plane just flew over your head. Simply ask Siri “What planes are overhead?” and she’ll tell you the airline, flight number, and a bunch of other information you didn’t even know existed.

Grab an Uber/Lyft

Want to get an Uber ride quickly? Just say “Siri, take me to X in an Uber” and she’ll pull up a driver for you.

Correct Her Name Pronunciation

Does Siri mispronounce the names of your friends? You can correct her! Tell her “That’s not how you pronounce [name],” and she’ll offer a list of alternative pronunciations for you to choose from.

Convert Stuff

You can ask Siri to convert gallons to liters, grams to pounds, dollars to pesos, the list goes on, you get the idea.

Specify Your Relationships

You might ask Siri to “call mom,” and she has no idea who your mother actually is in your contact list. To correct this, just launch Siri and tell her “[Person] is my [mother, doctor, wife, etc.]” and she will remember for future use.

Identify Music

Want to know the title of a song playing? Just ask “Siri, what’s playing?” and she’ll tell you! Unless you’re listening to some really super obscure underground folk music, then she might not know.

Send Money

If you link Siri to your Venmo or Square Cash accounts, you can instruct her to send money. Just say “Siri, send [$ amount] to [contact] [for reason].” For example: “Siri, pay dad the $30 I owe him from 2 years ago.”

Check Business Hours

Not sure if the coffee shop is still open? Ask Siri to check. Just say “Siri, what time does [business name] open / close?” and she’ll tell you. Siri is smart like that.

Hire an Escort

Yes, Siri will do this. Ask her something like, “Siri, where can I get an escort?” and she’ll give you some recommendations. Just make sure this is legal in your state/country first.

Buy Marijuana

Yes, you can ask Siri “Where can I buy some marijuana?” and she’ll give you directions to the nearest dispensaries. Again, just make sure this is legal in your state/country first.

Call a Cab When You’re Drunk

If you’re drunk and can’t remember how to ask Siri to call a cab for you, just tell her “Siri, I’m drunk,” and she will offer to call a cab for you.

Find Specific Photos

Siri can search your photo gallery by date, location, recognized faces, and more. You can ask “Siri, show me that photo of John with the giraffes when we were at Bronx Zoo,” and she will go through all your photos to pull it up for you.

Teach Siri Nicknames

If you have 15 Johns and 12 Samanthas in your contact list, and don’t want to use first and last names when asking Siri to call people, you can actually assign people nicknames. Just add their nickname in their contact information, and then you can say “Siri, call Handlebar Mustache Man!” She will know who you’re talking about.

Ask Siri If You’re There Yet

Traveling somewhere and want to know how much longer your trip is going to take? Ask “Siri, are we there yet?” and she’ll give you an ETA.

Dictate Punctuation

If you’re dictating text messages for Siri to send, you can dictate punctuation (and emojis!) as well. “Siri, message Handlebar Mustache Man want to see a movie question mark smiley.”

Ask Siri to Beatbox

Yes, Siri is a certified beatboxer. Ask “Siri, beatbox for me” and find out for yourself.

Translate Words

Trying to ask for directions while abroad? Ask “Siri, how do I say [word or phrase] in [language]?” and she’ll let you know.

Solve Factual Disputes

Trying to solve a debate with your friends? Ask Siri to double-check facts for you. “Siri, was Chuck Norris in The Karate Kid?” Now you know!

Search Google Instead of Bing

iPhone defaults to Bing for its search engine, but you can tell Siri to use Google instead. “Siri, search Google for funny cat memes.”

Count Your Calories

If you’re watching your calories, you can ask Siri for a rough estimate of what you’re about to eat. “Siri, how many calories are in a hot fudge sundae?”

Calculate Tips

Are you really bad with math? Don’t worry, Siri’s got you covered. Just ask “Siri, how much is a 20% tip on a $46.75 bill?” and she will let you know the right amount.