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Are 4K TVs Worth the Money?

A Viewing Experience Unlike Any Other?

You may have heard a lot of hype about 4K TVs, but it might be hard to understand where all the hype is coming from. There are a number of major benefits to picking up a 4K TV, and we’d like to discuss these in this article.

If you’d like to learn more about what a 4K TV is, how it differs from regular TVs, and how it’ll improve your viewing experience, make sure to read all of the way through the details explained in this article.

How Is a 4K TV Different?

A 4K TV is essentially a television with far better quality than your standard options. 4K stands for the 4,000 horizontal pixels that are included on a 4K display. More pixels means more detail can be fit into the same space.

You can usually multiply the number of vertical pixels and horizontal pixels to get the resolution of a display. Typically, a 4K display will have a resolution of 3840 x 2160. That’s 3,840 pixels horizontally, and 2,160 pixels vertically.

Your standard TV these days has a 1920 x 1080 resolution display. When you do the math, you’ll find that a 4K display has exactly four times more pixels than the standard HD TV. With four times more pixels on the screen at once, there’s the potential for four times more detail on each and every frame in a movie or TV show.

There’s a common misconception that a 4K TV will only give a better viewing experience when viewing 4K content. This is a big problem when you realize that 90% of the content created today is still done with 1080p cameras. However, there are still major benefits for viewing 1080p content on a 4K display.

Why 4K Is Better, Even on 1080p Content

4K TVs have a special feature called upscaling. It essentially fills in the gaps and turns the usual 1920 x 1080 resolution content into 4K content. 4K TVs also have more pixels to create better contrast between colors and to display a higher range of colors, making the overall viewing experience far better.

As a result, watching any content on a 4K display will provide the viewer with far higher detail, better image quality, and in most cases, better color quality.

Even if you buy a 4K TV and only ever view 1080p video on it, you’ll still notice a considerable difference in display quality. It might not be as much as 4 times as detailed, but it’s still a better viewing experience.

4K Is the Future

Over time, more and more TV shows and movies will be recorded with 4K cameras. As 4K content becomes the norm, the power of your 4K TV will only increase.

We’ll start to see more 4K content over the next few years. Before too long, everybody will be on 4K, and the picture quality will finally be four times better than 1080p HD content.

How to Find the Best 4K TVs

4K TVs are no longer a super expensive technology only reserved for the richest people. Anybody can go and pick up a 4K TV at a reasonable price.

What’s incredible is that not only is it now relatively cheap to get a 4K TV, but if you invest just a little bit more, you can often find yourself a 4K TV with a very large display size. For around $900-$1000, you can invest in a 50-60 inch TV that’ll set your home up for the next decade. It’s the kind of investment that’ll leave the biggest impact on your living room.

But how can you find the right 4K TVs? Which manufacturers make the best 4K sets and are there 4K TVs that should be avoided?

First, it’s best to go for the big brands. Lesser known brands can sometimes make reasonable quality displays, but the big brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony have been making incredible display technology for years.

Some expensive 4K TV sets will still set you back a massive $2,000 or more, but some prices go as low as $700.

Ultimately, the price you pay will reflect the quality of your display. You’ll get a 4K viewing experience no matter what 4K set you buy, but if you want incredible brightness, contrast, and a strong range of colors, the more you pay, the better you’ll be off.

TV model names can be a little confusing, so the best thing to do is go to a website like Amazon and search for the display size you’d like.

For example, search for “55 inch 4K TV.” You’ll receive a list of results and will be able to prioritize the TVs that are shown by price. After that, take a read through the customer reviews of each of the TVs you’ve picked out to find a good deal.

Always read customer reviews and be more conscious of TVs with lower reviews or a higher number of bad reviews.

We hope this information has helped you to learn more about 4K TVs and how to find good 4K TV deals.