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Free and Fun: 10 of the Best Free Games Available on Steam

You Don't Have to Spend Money to Play Great Games

Steam is known for DOTA 2, their multiplayer platform developed by Valve Corporation. However, they distribute every genre of digital game, including games made by both mainstream and indie developers. Steam is full of games that you can play right on your laptop without spending any money, and their free games are actually good.

To be honest, some of them are better than the games you have to pay for. You may even want to build your own computer so you can get the most out of these games. And don't forget to upgrade to one of the best internet providers for gaming to ensure a no-frustration (at least as a result of lagging) gaming experience.

Since we all want to play new games while taking care of our bank accounts, we’ve put together a list of some of the best free Steam games as of 2018.


Warframe is a fast-paced action game that lets you play as an alien, or Tenno, which is part of an ancient warrior civilization that has the power to wield armor called Warframe. This game has a fantastic customization mode, missions for solo play or online co-ops, and requires you to use different skills to defeat your enemy. However, in order to get powerful items, you need to grind.

If you played Destiny you can easily handle this game’s mechanics. Warframe is definitely one of the best Steam games, not to mention one of the best free PC games. Plus, with an increasing player base, Warframe will definitely keep getting better. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to slice and grind!


DOTA 2 is definitely one of the best MOBA games, and is right up there with League of Legends in terms of player base and professional esports tournaments. DOTA 2 gives you everything you expect from a MOBA: ten players, one map, three lanes, a huge roster of heroes to choose from, massive selection of skills and items, and one common goal.

Its number of active players always continues to rise, especially with the increase in esports popularity. Just keep practicing your skills, and who knows, maybe one day you will be a world champion too.