iPhone with GPS app open

No More Navigation Frustration: 9 of the Best GPS Apps of 2018

Staying on Track

We use different types of apps on our smartphones every day. It has become part of our life; without these apps we could get lost, and it would be harder to communicate to our co-workers, friends, and family. One of the most frequently used apps is GPS. By using location services and internet, you can navigate your way through any city.

If you want to travel or go to a place you're not familiar with, GPS apps are incredibly useful. It can show you traffic delays, travel time, distance, and route options. While these apps are getting popular, some don't work in remote places, and they require an internet connection to function properly.

Now, let’s take a look at the best GPS apps for 2018.

Google Maps

Free | iOS, Android

Google developed Google Maps, which is now one of the most trusted and frequently used GPS apps in the world. You can get standard turn by turn directions, live traffic updates, accurate information about public schedules, and information about nearby businesses.

This app also includes street view and satellite view, and users can save maps for offline use. However, maps that are downloaded offline must be updated regularly. Since Google Maps is the best GPS app, it is automatically installed on your phone.