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Guard Dog Not Cutting It?: Here Are Home Security Systems You Should Consider

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Home security systems can be a daunting purchase for homeowners. What features do you need? Are you capable of a DIY installation, or do you require professional installation? How about monthly subscription costs, and customer care? We’ve taken the time to highlight the best home security systems on the market, so you can make an informed purchase.

This list was put together with several things in mind, first and foremost being that not everyone needs a state-of-the-art, extremely high-tech home security system. Apartment renters, for example, may just need a simple door motion sensor and alarm keypad. We tried to categorize the security systems in this list for the needs of the average homeowner.

Finding the perfect home security system can be difficult, as there so many security system companies out there, and each company offers a variety of packages. We’re here to help you can decide what the best option for your home is.

Best Overall: Frontpoint

Frontpoint has a long history, and reputation, for extraordinary customer service with low-pressure sales reps that never try to sell you on upgrades. They simply answer your questions, and make their recommendations based on your actual needs.

Depending on the features you opt in for, monthly monitoring falls between $35 to $50 USD per month. You’ll also pay an activation fee between $99 to $199 USD, but because it’s a DIY installation, you won’t pay any additional fees.

As far as features and packages go, Frontpoint offers all the basics, such as door and window sensors, to upgraded options, such as smart home security automation, security cameras, and video monitoring. Additional packages can be subscribed to, like smoke/heat sensors, glass breaking sensors, and doorbell cameras.

Best Technology Adaptation: Vivint

Vivint primarily focuses on the latest, cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology for their home security systems. If you like the idea of controlling all of your door locks, lights, security cameras, and any other home device that can connect to your Smartphone, Vivint may be the right choice for you.

With the Vivint Smart Home App on your smartphone, you can monitor every aspect of the home security system, including video feeds, from the convenience of your smartphone. Forget to close your garage door when leaving the house? Close it from your office through the app.

Vivint excels at combining smart technology into their security system, which makes it the best security system available for tech-savvy people.

Subscription fees are around $40 to $50 USD monthly, though you will pay installation fees, and that will depend on the package you choose.

Best DIY Installation System on a Budget: Abode Starter Kit

For $300 USD, the Abode Starter Kit covers most of the basics when it comes to home security monitoring. The $300 USD price tag might seem steep, but when you compare it to the installation fees of other systems, and the amount of hardware you get with this package, it really is a bargain.

In the Abode Starter Kit, you’ll receive 2x door/window sensors, a battery-powered security camera and motion detector, a key fob for remote arming/disarming, and a WiFi enabled hub that can connect to many compatible Z-Wave and ZigBee devices.

Overall, there are cheaper starter kits on the market, but for the budget-range home security systems, Abode Starter Kit offers the most bang for your buck.

Best No-Contract Home Security: SimpliSafe

For people who want home security without a contract, especially home/apartment renters, SimpliSafe offers affordable security packages. You aren’t going to get additional fancy features, but SimpliSafe focuses on functionality foremost.

You’ll get a central hub and a tactile keypad, with cellular-monitoring between $15 to $25 USD per month, depending on if you want to access the system via your smartphone.

For people who don’t want to be locked into a contract, or just need a basic and affordable home security system that gets the job done, SimpliSafe is a smart choice.

Best Ease of Monitoring: ADT Pulse

ADT has been in the home security business for over 140 years, so they’ve learned a few things about what consumers need in a security system. They offer many packages, but the best one they offer for homeowners is ADT Pulse, which costs $52.99 per month, with an activation fee.

With the ADT Pulse package, you’ll receive features such as wireless security monitoring, mobile access and notifications, a wireless control panel, and 3 wireless door/window sensors. They also use a sophisticated IFTTT (If This Then That) technology, which basically integrates your smart home devices into the security system.

Notable Mentions


LiveWatch offers a full 12-month money back guarantee, which is great for homeowners who want to try their packages without worry. LiveWatch offers many useful features, such as smartphone integration, and a touchscreen panel with built-in camera and weather information.

You can upgrade and purchase additional add-ons such as door sensors, motion sensors, keychain remotes, and HD cameras for video monitoring.

Protect America

One of the most affordable entry-level home security systems is from Protect America. Starting at just $19.99 per month, Protect America offers a great range of package options, and you can “lock in” your monthly rate so your monitoring fees don’t increase, as long as you don’t cancel or interrupt your subscription plan.

The only drawback is that Protect America systems require a landline. Most homeowners have a landline connection, but a landline-based security system does pose some risks compared to wireless based. But, if you’re on a limited budget and want the convenience of an easy-to-install and competitively priced home security system, Protect America is worth investigating.

Ring Protect Plus

Ring has many options when it comes to securing your home. You can opt to purchase devices individually — such as video doorbells, security cameras, motion sensors, panic buttons, and sirens — or you can purchase entire kits which include multiple devices.

You can simply purchase these devices and use them for free, but you won't get exciting features like being able to save video or having access to professional monitoring. For those privileges, you'll need to subscribe to the Protect Plus Plan. For $100 annually, you'll get the previously mentioned features and get a 10% discount on all Ring products.

The nice thing about Ring is that you customize your home security with whatever devices you want. It's also simple to install yourself. Ring is certainly an up-and-coming security system that you should keep an eye on.