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Don’t Overlook the PC Gaming World: 10 of the Best Games on Steam

Rainbow Six: Siege ($14.99)

This is a Tom Clancy game that suddenly became a success story. Nobody thought that Rainbow Six: Siege would reach millions of registered users (it has roughly 25 million). The reason is that they brought back classic shooter gameplay. The game includes two teams, one map, and barricaded doors, and players breach through walls and blast through ceilings.

It’s a fun throwback since many shooter games we see now are rooted in sci-fi settings.

DOTA 2 (Free)

DOTA 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games in the world. Millions of users play, and it grows every year. As a MOBA, you know what to expect: three lanes, one map, powerful items, 10 players, a massive emphasis on skills, and a huge selection of heroes. You can easily spend days playing this game and honing your skills.

It is also one of the top games played at esports tournaments. Plus it's one of the best free Steam games you can get.

Warframe (Free)

Warframe lets you play as an alien ninja. If you are familiar with the gameplay in Destiny, then you can cope with this game immediately. Warframe allows you to take missions in either a solo mode or online co-op. You'll need to grind to get fancy and powerful sets of items. It is one of the best Steam games to date, not to mention one of the best free PC games.

Wolfstein II: The New Colossus ($59.99)

Wolfstein, developed by MachineGames, takes you back to a dark time in history. It’s similar to the Nazi-slaying-Call-of-Duty gameplay. Wolfstein II: The New Colossus gives you challenging boss fights, intense set-pieces, different types of weapons, and a great story filled with consistent gameplay. So now is the time to lock and load!

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