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All The Ways to Use Xbox One Controllers With PCs

How to Use Xbox One Controller on PC

For nearly two decades, there has been an ongoing console war to decide whether the Xbox or the PlayStation is the superior gaming console, but the winner of this war is the combatant who is just watching from the sidelines. Yes, I am talking about the PC. Whether it is on the go with a gaming laptop, or at home on a gaming rig, the PC has been the top dog of the gaming industry for quite some time. Here you will learn about how to use Xbox One controller on PC.

The Perks of PC

PC players have access to player-made patches and bug fixes that console players do not have access to. Some of these technical issues never get fixed in the console versions of some games. PC players also have access to an unlimited supply of free and paid mod content, which vastly expands the limits of your favorite video games as well as extends your playtime by thousands of hours (meaning you get even more bang for your buck). If you have played Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords, but have not experienced the PC Restoration Patch, you are selling yourself short.

But I get it! Some of you still prefer playing on console, primarily because you can be relaxing on your bed or couch when enjoying your favorite video games instead of sitting a foot away from a computer screen. Or maybe you just cannot get the hang of mouse and keyboard controls. Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of triple AAA games released nowadays are clearly tailored towards the console gamer (I am looking at you Skyrim UI). Luckily, controller support exists.

Entering 2020, almost every multi-console triple AAA video game has PC controller support. So, console players can enjoy the benefits of playing with a controller and the benefits of joining the PC Master Race at once.
So, while you are browsing for gaming rigs to get for Christmas, let us take a minute to fill you in on how you can use an Xbox One controller on PC.

How to Use a Wired Xbox One Controller on PC

Using a wired Xbox One controller on PC is as simple as using any other plug and play device. Just plug in your wired controller into one of your PC or laptop’s USB port and the controller will handle the rest.
If you are using a laptop, be aware that if you interact with the mouse pad after you have plugged in your controller, this action may override your controller the game will switch back to mouse and keyboard default. You will need to toggle on controller support in the game’s settings. This is not something that happens regularly or with every game though, so it should not be anything for most people to worry about. Just plug it in and enjoy!

How to Use a Wireless Xbox One Controller on PC

I am an old school guy, so I have no issue with using wired controllers. With wired controllers, you never have to deal with any annoying driver or software issues that you may run into with wireless controllers. The cord is long enough for my taste and I have never been the type to play video games completely laid out on my bed. Plus, I can keep all my double AA batteries reserved for my Game Boy Color.

But if you are the type of gamer who likes playing video games laying down, then yes, you will probably need to invest in a wireless controller. Getting your wireless Xbox One controller to work on your PC is not as seamless as the process with a wired controller, but it is not difficult either. The steps you need to take depend on whether your wireless controller uses Bluetooth or not.

Using a Wireless Xbox One Controller Without Bluetooth on PC

1.If your wireless Xbox One Controller does not use Bluetooth, then you are going to need to get an Xbox wireless adapter along with a controller. The link above sends you to a bundle deal from Microsoft to get a controller and adapter for $56.
2.Connect your Xbox wireless adapter to any of your USB ports.
3.Hold the guide button (it is the Xbox logo in the center of your controller) for several seconds to turn it on.
4.Press the sync button located on the top of your controller until your Xbox logo begins flashing
5.Take your Xbox wireless adapter and press the sync button on the side of it for several seconds. The flashing logo on your controller should stop flashing and stay lit up. Once this happens, your controller has been successfully connected!
6.Have double AA batteries handy. Your wireless controller does not have unlimited power, so make sure you have good double AA batteries lying around for when you eventually need to swap the current ones.

Using a Wireless Xbox One Controller with Bluetooth on PC

Setting up a Bluetooth wireless controller is more hassle, but according to Microsoft, Bluetooth controllers have a significantly better range than the standard Wireless controllers. So, if range is what you want, you may want to go Bluetooth. Here is how to get it going:

1.Turn on your controller by pressing the guide button in the center of the controller
2.Located the Bluetooth settings in your PC and click on “Add Bluetooth or other device.”
3.Select Bluetooth from the menu and after a few moments, your controller should automatically connect.
4.Put in some batteries. You know the drill.

If you want to use a Bluetooth controller but want to get rid of the batteries hassle, you can purchase the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller as it has its own built-in batteries that can be charged with several methods.
The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller is extremely expensive, however, so it is a luxury purchase. I would not recommend buying one unless you play video games a lot, to get the most of out it.

One more thing I would like our readers to know, is that not every game with controller support is best played with controller support. You can play pretty much any first-person shooter (FPS) game with a controller on PC, but a mouse and keyboard are still much better for any shooting title.
Do not let that discourage you though. If you like playing with a controller, then you like playing with a controller! I know I do.