Buying on a Budget? Check Out These Top 4 Gaming PCs

What Is the Best Budget Gaming PC?

If you have been a gamer for anything longer than one hour, then you have no doubt heard the saying “PC master race”. As obnoxious as that can be, it is definitely a true statement.

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, console ports of PC games always had to make significant and notable concessions just to get games functioning on console. Consoles have come a long way since then, but gaming PCs still sit at the front of the pack.

Give me 10 minutes of your time and I will convince you why PC is the master race with the best budget gaming PC.

Advantages of Gaming PCs


The Xbox One and the PS4 both had good runs, but they are on their way out. You know what is sticking around? Gaming rigs.

Consoles are moving on from the eighth generation to the ninth, but many PC gamers will still use their “eight-generation” PCs. Thanks to the way PCs work, your rig will last you a lot longer than any console will, as you can easily upgrade your computer’s components.

Mods and Community Patches

Modding is a very integral aspect of PC gaming and it is one that you will come to appreciate and love. Mods can provide an endless amount of additional content to your favorite video games, which stretches your dollars.

Playing on PC also gives you access to all of the community patches, bug fixes and technical workarounds to improve your gaming experience. This is especially good for older games developers stop actively improving.

Retro Gaming

Feel like reliving your childhood? Want to play some of your favorite games from back in the day? Good luck getting DOS games or SNES titles to work on your shiny new Xbox. With PC, it is no issue at all. GOG is great for expanding your collection of classic titles and there are other means for playing decades old games as well.

Controller Support

If you have no problem gaming with a mouse and keyboard, sometimes you just want to use a controller. Maybe it is so you can game without being right in front of the computer screen, or because you feel more comfortable with a controller for a certain game.

Every new released now has some form of controller support. When combined with all the other benefits of PC gaming, there are not many reasons not to be a PC gamer anymore.

PC Pricing

I know a lot of people are discouraged about investing in a gaming rig because they think it will be too expensive. With companies like Alienware out there, I cannot blame them. But trust me, you can get yourself a gaming rig capable of triple AAA gaming in 4K without needing to spend too much.

Also, keep in mind that gaming rigs last multiple generations, unlike consoles. So, what is the best budget gaming PC? We’ll get there.

Yes, It’s Better to Build Your Own

While it is possible to get a great rig pre-made and ready to go, the best route you can take no matter the budget, is building your own rig. It’s not nearly as hard as it may seem. Also, you can save a lot of money buying the components individually and building your computer yourself.

But if you do not want to take that big step into PC gaming just yet, that is fine. Allow me to give you some other options.

Honorable Mention: I Buy Power

I Buy Power takes all the guess work and stress out of buying a gaming PC. You tell them what kind of video games you play, your CPU of choice, your budget range and it instantly whips up a recommended gaming rig for you. It even tells you the FPS you can expect from your preferred video games at both 1080P and 1440P.

Now, we will see what the best budget gaming PC is.

HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

HP is my brand of choice when it comes to laptops. They make a decent gaming desktop as well. The Pavilion Gaming Desktop has a lot of component options. It offers a wide budget range. Keep an eye out for deals and you can get the most budget variety of the Pavilion Gaming Desktop for around $600. It has a ninth generation Intel Core i5 F processor and has up to 32 gigabytes of memory.

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop

Like the HP Pavilion, the Dell G5 is a great budget option. It has great component varieties for those with a higher budget. The $700 model will not let you blast every new triple AAA title at the maximum possible settings, but it will do more than get the job done. It has 8 gigabytes of memory and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 SUPER™ graphics.

HP Omen Obelisk

Another great option from HP, the Omen Obelisk has a sleek design and some nice prices. It also does not have any of the annoying bloatware that some other companies love shoving into their desktops. It is sold for around $800 and has up to 32 gigabytes of memory.

SkyTech Archangel

The SkyTech Archangel is the dark horse pick of the list. Like the Omen Obelisk, you do not have to worry about bloatware with the Archangel. It gives you plenty of room to upgrade your systems. 1080P on ultra-settings should not be a problem with the base kit, but you may want to do some upgrading if you are delving into 1440P. It is also sold for around $800.

Best in Class Budget Gaming PC: SkyTech Archangel

I would personally pick I Buy Power over any of the four options, but the lowest price point on IBP is still fairly high. So, in the spirit of choosing a true budget option, I would say that the SkyTech Archangel is the best option.

Not only do I feel like it gives you the most bang for your buck, but I also think that the Archangel is the best option for slowly guiding you into building a rig territory. After upgrading the Archangel a couple of times, you will probably feel confident enough to build an entire rig yourself. I do believe that to be the last hurdle before you can earn your PC master race merit badge. So, go buy yourself a PC today!