Wii U console

The 10 Best Games of the Nintendo Wii U Era

We're Still Playing These Games — Are You?

Nintendo Wii U aimed to bring some technological innovations to gaming with its GamePad controller at the heart of the console system. Nintendo fused the motion control from the original Wii and the 3DS touch interface on the hand-held while creating a memorable and unique device.

It allowed players to play games without the need for a TV and while it did not set the world on fire, it did leave behind an important legacy in the gaming world. If you still have a Wii U and want to collect and play some of the best games the console had to offer, here's our list of the best Wii U games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Let’s just get it out of the way. With "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" we got everything we've been dreaming of since the Zelda journey started. The fantastic graphics, story, free world exploration, modern systems and improvisations combined with the quests, puzzles and characters we've held close to our hearts for so long result in game we can't stop thanking Nintendo for creating.

So let me say it again. Thank you, Nintendo.

Verdict: The best game you will ever play on Wii U.

Nintendo Land

Nintendo’s somewhat shallow way of promoting its new Wii U console system ended up being fantastic, just like you could have predicted. The main mission of "Nintendo Land" was to teach you how to wield your new and innovative device, but it served as a fantastic center for all the mini-games you never thought you needed to play.

Consisting of six single-player games, three exclusively multiplayer and three that have both modes, "Nintendo Land" is a perfect game hub.

Verdict: The most varied use of the Wii U.