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Record Meeting Minutes in Seconds With These 5 Transcription Apps

Try a Transcription App for Work Meetings

If you are thinking about recording meeting minutes manually in real time with accuracy, then get ready to be disappointed with the outcome. To write spoken words down correctly, you will need impeccable listening skills combined with knowledge regarding the topic and the speaker’s accent. Sound intimidating? What if we told you that a transcription app equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) meeting dictation software could quickly get the job done? Read through our article to get all the details you need about automatic meeting notes and dictation software.

What is a Transcription App?

For decades, taking notes during meetings, calls and online conferences has been a business norm. However, recording this information efficiently and archiving it afterward is tedious when done manually.

If you are an employee in a corporate setting who feels the same way, you are not alone. Instead, 89% of business professionals think that using technology to tackle transcription jobs and take down meeting minutes will improve their team's overall productivity.

Enter transcription apps. These are accessible and accurate tools that allow you to transcribe audio information into text form in real time. All you have to do is leave the app open and let it record your meeting minutes automatically.

Later, you can access your transcription file through the app and save it for later use. This way, every person attending the meeting can be fully involved in the input being discussed without giving their total concentration to writing notes.

Pros of Transcription Apps

Transcription apps are game changers for companies that spend their time and resources recording calls and meeting minutes. Here are the benefits you will get by downloading a transcription app.

Saves Time

Usually, recording meeting minutes by hand means the transcriber must first edit and evaluate the notes to make them readable. Transcription apps save time by generating your transcripts at once.

Zero Errors

Unlike manual transcripts, you don’t have to worry about spelling and grammar errors with transcription apps. Most apps usually check spoken grammar and use the correct spelling automatically.

Cost Effective

Simply downloading the correct transcription app is cheaper than hiring a transcriptionist to write meeting minutes.

Easy Timestamps

You can easily navigate through specific timestamps on an automatically generated transcript. As a result, you don’t have to read through the entire meeting’s minutes looking for a particular point.

Cons of Transcription Apps

Using automatic AI meeting notes is an exciting prospect for companies looking to improve their productivity. However, there are still some downsides to transcription apps that you should know before getting started.

Low Regard for Accents and Fast Speech

The biggest challenges for an AI meeting dictation software or a transcription app are accents and fast talkers. Unfortunately, it is difficult to develop coherent text versions of such voices, and the transcripts can have many mistakes.

Background Noise

Transcription apps work with a simple rule: the clearer the audio, the more sense the transcript will make. However, with people interrupting each other and creating background noises during meetings, it can get challenging to generate a flawless transcript automatically.

Vocabulary Limitations

While transcription apps have automatic spelling and grammar checking technologies, their dictionary might be limited in some cases. These include proper nouns and specialized terms, resulting in incoherent phrases on text transcripts.


Most transcription apps specialize in providing default computer-generated transcripts. If you want your transcripts to be customized your way, you will have to make the changes yourself.

Top 5 Transcription Apps for Work Meetings

1. Rev Voice Recorder

Rev is an accessible audio transcription app available for Android and iOS users. Rev lets you share your meeting recordings with your colleagues through email, Dropbox and Evernote, apart from creating error-free transcripts.

Once you upload your recording, the app processes it and sends you a clear transcript within 12 hours. You can then download the text through the app or email. With its cutting-edge audio recognition technology, Rev’s transcripts are complete with the definition of each speaker in the audio.

Its accessible features include running the app alongside other operations and trimming audios before transcription. The app charges you $1.50 for every minute recorded for transcription.

2. Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is another reliable transcription app that uses automatic speech recognition to create accurate transcripts. Compatible with various apps, Dragon Anywhere lets you share your audio and text transcripts with whoever you like.

However, the app is designed for emotional speech dictation. This means you won’t get speaker identification if you use Dragon Anywhere to record your meeting minutes.

This app has a valuable training and customization option. You can save industry-specific words on the app to include in your transcripts, making it ideal for businesses and corporations.

The app offers a free trial, after which you can pay $15 per month for generating transcriptions.

3. Threads

Threads is a renowned transcription app for business owners, including call transcription services and recording meeting minutes. It provides accurate real-time transcription services and lets you share the transcripts through its shared email inbox feature.

Alongside that, it provides a cloud storage portal for your company where your employees can search through and look for specific points. This can be integrated into any customer relationship management (CRM) system and provides professional transcripts within context.

Threads offers a free trial, after which you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $30. Unfortunately, the pricing is storage based, so you might have to pay more if you increase the audio you save on the app.

4. Otter

Otter is a resourceful transcription app that automatically records and transcribes calls and meeting minutes. Apart from reviewing and transcribing audio, the app detects multiple voices in conversation and specifies each speaker in the transcript.

Moreover, the app helps you generate an automatic meeting summary that you can easily share with your employees and coworkers. Additionally, it integrates multiple workflow management apps so you can easily share transcripts and meeting summaries in various formats.

Otter offers a 10-day free trial, after which it costs $20 every month.

5. TranscribeMe

TrancribeMe is a pioneering app in the industry providing professional transcripts for business owners for decades. It has hybrid technology for speech recognition to generate high-quality, accessible transcripts for business owners.

The app also offers quality checks, weekly spot checks and professional reviews for transcripts to ensure impeccable quality. Similarly, each transcript is complete with speaker IDs and timestamps so you can put your meeting minutes to use wherever you like.

TranscribeMe charges $2 for every minute transcribed through the app and does not offer a free trial.
Final Words

In a nutshell, transcription apps can be game changers for businesses looking to save time and increase their team's productivity. While there are several challenges, such as accents and multiple speakers, some apps can help you overcome them and produce flawless automatic transcripts when it comes to recording meeting minutes.

Choose your transcription app wisely to make sure you get the optimal benefit by optimizing meeting minutes transcriptions. Assess aspects, such as features and compatibility, along with the cost to see if it fits your company’s needs effectively.