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Keep the Lights On With These 4 Backup Generators

Home Backup Generator: Why You Need One

Consider yourself lucky if you have never confronted a persistent power outage at your home, especially in harsh weather conditions. Extreme weather events with no electricity make every minute unbearable and uncomfortable. That is when a home backup generator comes into play. In many areas, a home backup generator is deemed necessary where power failures are frequent.

So, what is your reason for not installing standby generators at home? Is your reason for delaying the installation due to uncertainty as to how the whole system works? Or are you thinking that installing a generator is a bit difficult and your home will not get any advantage from it?

I hope maybe after reading this article you will think otherwise. Home standby generators bring back the lost productivity, do not let your groceries spoil and eliminates boredom. Want to know all the details about standby generators for home? Proceed to read.

Purpose of a Home Standby Generator

Standby generators for home, or home backup generators, have a single goal: they provide electricity during an outage. It is a unit that provides home with backup power by using either liquid propane or natural gas as a fuel. Moreover, it sits outside your house like an air conditioning unit.

Home standby generators come in different sizes. Furthermore, they have the potential to power your entire home or just the essential things, such as a refrigerator, fans and lights. The installation of standby systems is permanent and professionals mostly do it. Also, it does not require high-end maintenance.

How Does a Home Backup Generator Work?

We will make this simple for you. A home backup generator has two significant parts that are installed into your home’s main electrical wiring. It works with a transfer switch and a generator itself.

A transfer switch is a real value. A power failure triggers the switch (usually, it is automatic, but most of the models require manual switching) and this device swaps power from your utility to the home standby generators.

Moreover, when the unit engages, it consumes gas or propane as fuel to produce electrical power for your house. Hence, you do not have to panic over refueling. However, when the electricity comes back, the system goes back to standby. Now, you can resume the usage of utility power.

Best Home Backup Generators

This article isolates the best standby generators for home so you can scroll through to see which one is best for your home.

Champion Power Equipment 100294

Manufactured in the U.S., Champion Power is a 14kW rock-solid standby generator. This permanently installed model automatically starts to deliver continuous power whenever there is an outage. This 14-kilowatt generator has enough power to let you and your family see through the darkness. Its stellar design has made this generator capable of working in extreme weather conditions.

Moreover, the most outstanding feature of this home backup generator is its engine. The enclosure of this generator is rust resistant and sound dampening. Also, its innovative gull wing design enables you to access the engine quickly.

The 100294 has an all-weather mounting pad that gives protection to the unit. Also, the installation becomes relatively easier because of the mounting. In addition, it provides a 10-year warranty to cover all major and minor faults or defects.

Furthermore, this economic and smart generator uses either natural gas or propane as fuel. Champion power equipment starts immediately once the power cuts off and shuts off automatically once the power comes back.

Generac 7043 Home Standby Generator

A bigger alternative is the 7043 Standby Generator, which features a power-lubricated engine capable of heavy operations. Even then, it does not need as much maintenance. Moreover, it is a 22-kilowatt generator that has massive power to run for a long time. This model can run on both natural gas and propane.

In addition, this standby generator for home has a built-in remote monitoring system. Hence, it is an ideal generator that keeps you indoors during bad weather. Also, this generator enables you to check its status through any device that connects to WiFi. Thus, it provides all the information you need, for instance, remaining runtime, current power output and fuel levels.

Generac has a NEMA 3 smart transfer switch that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Thanks to True Power Technology, the generator keeps its harmonic distortion under 5%.

Another noteworthy feature of this standby system is its quiet-test, self-test mode that slows down the generator’s RPM (revolutions per minute) for about five to 12 minutes. Hence, you can ensure if the unit is performing efficiently and optimally.

Kohler 20RESCL Air-Cooled Standby Generator

Kohler 20 RESCL is the generator you can rely on when you need a quiet backup power source. Also, it has a high-quality, sound-proof casing that allows the generator to run at a little volume. The 20 RESCL can provide 20,000 watts of reliable power.

As soon as it senses power failure, the 200-amp switch automatically transfers to the backup power supply. Moreover, the generator has an online monitoring system, hence, you can check the status of this unit anytime and anywhere with the device that can support WiFi. Furthermore, this model has an air-cooling system; it frees you from the responsibility to install a water-cooling system.

Briggs and Stratton 40445 Home Standby Generator System

The Briggs and Stratton unit is a sleek home standby generator that comes with reliability. This member is slightly smaller than the other Briggs and Stratton members, but it still provides 8,000 watts. Moreover, it is a versatile and durable generator that you can install either inside or outside comfortably.

Also, its safety ratings are very high and the National Fire Protection Agency claims that you can place this unit 18 inches away from your exterior walls. It is made from robust steel and is designed for long-term use. Furthermore, the 40445 is engineered with advanced power management called Symphony II. It can prioritize other essential appliances such as the oven, air conditioning and heating system.

Time to Choose a Home Backup Generator

When it comes to supplying power to your home, selecting the best standby generators for home is of utmost importance.

In this article, we have cited some best home standby generators with vital information that you should consider before getting a generator for yourself. With these basics in mind, you can easily decide which one is the best home backup generator for your home.