A white and blue air purifier standing on a table.

Keep Your Work Focus Fresh With These 3 Office Air Purifiers

Air Purifier for Office Desk

Air purifiers are devices that improve the quality of air in a room by sifting out contaminants. The air purifier freshens indoor air, removing odors, pet dander, dust and smoke that at times can reach levels much higher than the outdoor air in a similar space by volume. The device may include multiple filters made of some type of fiber, paper, or mesh and a fan that circulates air through the system. An air purifier for an office desk may be advisable.

The filters require frequent replacement for optimum operation and efficacy. The replacement frequency depends on the usage and the type of purifier. There are reusable filters available in the market, but almost all of them are from some local brand.

Reusable filters are noted for efficiency against pollen and dust mites, whereas some purifiers are fitted with UV filters and ionizers. Even though UV fitted purifiers claim to be effective against mold and bacteria, they are heavy power consumers, and ionizers have the risk of ozone production.

Why Use an Air Purifier at Your Workplace?

People with allergies have difficulty tolerating the slightest presence of impurities in the air, which can affect their productivity. In an office setting with a possible presence of dust mites or smoking colleagues, it can be challenging for an asthmatic person to cope. Having an air purifier at your desk can help keep the air around your workspace clean and save you the trauma.

At times, you may have sick colleagues at the office suffering from the common flu or cough that is infectious. To protect oneself, you can use a good quality air purifier to keep the space around your desk clean and free of pathogens. Having an air purifier at your desk cleans the air in the immediate environment around you giving you peace of mind.

Pet dander and shed skin cells can accumulate to high levels around the house, reducing the quality of breathable air. Using an air purifier in the house, including the home office, can help keep the air clean for healthy living.

What Are the Benefits of Air Purifiers?

Improves Air Quality

Clean air for breathing is vital to stay healthy. The office setup with many colleagues working within a common space will have diminished air quality in circulation. Therefore, you must invest in a personal desk air purifier if the office does not have one installed. The air purifier improves the quality of air around your desk for your wellbeing.

Removes Allergens

Allergens can be a nuisance for people with allergies. Dust, tobacco smoke and other air contaminants can trigger severe symptoms. Having a good air purifier at one’s desk can minimize allergic attacks by keeping the air clean for breathing.

Eliminates Odor

Everyone wants to work in a pleasant environment. However, offices, like many public spaces, may develop bad odors from smoke, humidity, chemicals and musty air, creating a very unpleasant atmosphere for workers. Installing a good grade air purifier will clear the offensive odors and improve the office or home environment.

Prevents Illness

It takes one colleague with a bout of flu to have the entire office infected. To contain the spread of such common sicknesses, using an air purifier at your desk will guarantee fresh and clean air.

What Are the Best Desk Air Purifiers?

There are many types and models of purifiers in the market and choice depends on the individual’s needs. The best air purifiers are those that extract allergens, can handle VOC gases, are compact for desk use and are powerful enough to cover your operating space.

LEVOIT Air Purifier

LEVOIT Air Purifier LV-H126 is a compact and portable device that can be moved between rooms easily. It snugly fits on your desk, side console, or nightstand without getting in the way and has a super cutting-edge fan blade design that spins smoothly at a comfortable 32 decibels.

Fitted with a charcoal form carbon pre-filter, a true HEPA filter and an Activated Carbon filter, it gives you a double absorption purification process that guarantees clean air free of odor. With an effective coverage area of up to 161 feet, it supplies 50 cubic feet of clean air and keeps it free of pollutants.

A stylish windshield protects you from harsh air streams covering you with a soft, soothing breeze instead. LEVOIT purifiers are 100% ozone free with original replacement filters that can last six to eight months.

Germ Guardian Desk and Office Air Purifier

Germ Guardian Desk and Office Air Purifier is one of the best for filtering allergens from the air and its UV-C light kills up to 99.9% of microbes and germs. This makes it a must-have, three-in-one desktop air purifier for people with allergies.

Germ Guardian has a compact design and fits any room size with three-speed settings and optional UV-C light. It effectively covers any room size up to 78 feet and uses titanium dioxide to contain volatile organic compounds.
Genuine Germ Guardian replacement filters and UV-C bulbs are easily available and recommended for optimum performance. Pre-filter traps help extend the life of the HEPA filter, assuring you of 99.9% air filtration.

Holmes Small Room 3-Speed HEPA Air Purifier

The Holmes Small Room 3-Speed HEPA Air Purifier has a convenient, compact design with dual positioning that allows vertical or horizontal placement anywhere in the room. It has an effective area coverage of up to 109 feet.

The purifier is fitted with a Holmes Aer1 Series filter coupled with Total Air, a smoke grabber, allergen remover and an odor eliminator. The three-speed settings are convenient to choose from when you need minimum noise at night, and you can use higher speeds at increased decibels when you are out.

Its HEPA filter is 99.9% effective against airborne particulate that are as small as 2 microns and comes with an optional ionizer for improved performance. With a three-year limited warranty and original Holmes AER1 series replacement filters, you are guaranteed 99.9% removal of pollen, dust, mold spores, odors, smoke, pet dander and minute particulate.