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Manage All Your Smart Devices with Ease with the Google Nest Home Max

Consolidate the Power of Your Smart Devices

For a bird, a nest is its home. The place it sleeps at night and lays its eggs. For us humans, the Google Nest Hub Max will serve as the home for all of our smart devices.

After acquiring the smart home company Nest back in 2014, Google has been revamping its line of smart home products. The Google Nest Hub (which was rebranded from the Google Home Hub) of last year has been replaced with the new and improved Google Nest Hub Max.

The Nest Hub Max is a dashboard that serves as a jack-of-all-trades piece of convenience technology that allows consumers to manage all their smart devices via a single device.

Google Nest Hub Max is currently compatible with over 5,000 different smart devices from over 400 brands, so chances are it will work with any and all smart devices you currently have. You can check out the list of compatible devices here.

How Much Does the Google Nest Hub Cost?

The Google Nest Hub Max will retail at $229 USD. If you’d like to test out a cheaper Google smart dashboard before jumping into the Nest Hub Max, their original Nest Hub is $169 USD from most retailers.

Alternatively, you can simply wait for a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale to purchase a Google Nest Hub.

Keep in mind that if you purchase the standard Nest Hub, this price is just for the Nest Hub. Additional devices such as the Nest Hello Video Doorbell, Nest Security Camera for Indoor Use, Nest Security Camera for Outdoor Use, Nest Learning Thermostat, etc. will set you back several hundred dollars a pop.

Can You Connect Your Google Nest Hub Max with Google Assistant?

Yes! Google Assistant is 100% compatible with both the Google Nest Hub and Google Nest Hub Max. Simply go into the Google Assistant app, select the Devices tab under the Home Control section, and connect to your Nest device.

What Are the Capabilities of the Google Nest Hub Max?

As stated earlier, the Nest Hub Max is designed to be a dashboard that allows you to control all your smart devices from a single device. These devices include:

  • Cameras
  • Doorbells
  • Thermostat
  • Lights
  • Speakers
  • Music
  • TVs
  • Applications

Unlike the original Nest Hub, the Nest Hub Max comes pre-equipped with a Nest Camera. With this pre-installed camera, you gain access to the Nest Aware security camera service and Google Duo video chat.

A few caveats though. To gain full access to Nest Aware’s features, you will need a subscription. Google Duo will only work if the person you are video calling also has Google Duo, so this might not be as exciting as you initially thought.

The Nest Hub Max and the original Nest Hub also serve as digital picture frames. The Nest Hub Max is 3 inches bigger than the Nest Hub, making it even better for this function.

When Is the Google Nest Hub Max Going to Be Released?

The Google Nest Hub Max is slated for a release some time in either July or August. That’s not too far off from Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so if you’re not in a rush, you could just wait. This would also give your friends and family time to get one themselves so you can actually make use of the Google Duo video calling feature.

Nest Hub Max versus Nest Hub

The Nest Hub Max is better than the original Nest Hub in pretty much every way. Two of the biggest standouts compared to its predecessor are significantly better audio and video calling functionality, and the inclusion of a Nest Camera.

If you don’t care much for either of the aforementioned features then you’ll probably be fine with just getting the cheaper Nest Hub. But keep in mind sales in the months to come will likely make the Nest Hub Max a better use of your money.