A Google Home Hub and Amazon Echo Show side by side

Tech Showdown: Google Nest Hub or Echo Show?

What Smart Display Reigns Supreme?

Have you decided to invest in a smart display for your home? If so, there are two smart displays that you'll want to take into consideration: the Google Nest Hub, and the Echo Show.

The competition might seem rigged from the start for the Google Nest Hub, but don’t worry, we’ll get into that later. First, let's break down the pros and cons of both smart displays to help you decide which one is best for you to help coordinate your home full of IoT devices. When it comes to the Google Home Hub vs Amazon Echo Show, which one should you pick? Let’s take a look!

Google Nest Hub vs Amazon Echo Show

Screen Size

The Google Nest Hub screen is about 7 inches, whereas the Echo Show screen size is 10.1 inches. If you want something a little bigger, the Echo Show is the better choice.


The Google Nest Hub previously sold for $129 USD, but after the announcement of the Google Nest Hub Max, Google slashed the price of the standard Nest Hub to $99 USD.

The Echo Show is currently priced at $229.99 USD.


The Google Nest Hub does not come equipped with a camera. This can be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. No camera means no proper video chatting, but for people who aren’t fans of up close and personal video chats, this is a good thing.

The Echo Show does come equipped with a camera, and consumers can use it to video chat with people via Skype, Echo Spot, Echo Show, or the Alexa app.

Sound Quality

The Google Nest Hub uses a single full-range speaker.

The Echo Show uses dual stereo drivers and a dedicated passive bass radiator for its audio. This is where the difference in pricing starts to rear its head. The sound quality on the Google Nest Hub is good, but the sound quality on the Echo Show is much better.


The Google Nest Hub comes with Google Assistant and Chromecast built-in. This smart display is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook. It also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0, and works as a digital picture frame.

Thanks to Google’s acquisition of smart technology company Nest back in 2014, Google has been able to add a lot of useful tools to their library of smart home devices.

At an additional cost, consumers can invest in things such as the Nest Hello video doorbell, Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Learning Thermostat, and Nest Cam IQ outdoor. However, keep in mind that if you go all out on the Nest products, you’re going to be spending more money than you would if you purchased the Echo Show.

The Google Nest Hub is also compatible with thousands of other smart devices. You can see if any of your current devices are compatible with Google Nest Hub here.

The Echo Show comes equipped with Amazon’s famed Alexa, and Amazon Prime users are the ones who will benefit the most from an Echo Show. Using the Echo Show will allow you to seamlessly utilize all of Amazon’s services, such as Prime Video, Audible, Amazon Music, and more.

The Echo Show also possess the quirky Alexa Skills which can do anything from reminding someone that it is their turn to wash the dishes or tell dad jokes. Like the Google Nest Hub, the Echo Show is compatible with thousands of smart devices that it can control with ease.

Know What You Want

You should pick the Google Nest Hub if:
  1. You don’t care about a camera
  2. You’re an Android user
  3. You want to save some money (assuming you don’t purchase a bunch of other Nest products)
You should pick the Echo Show if:
  1. You’re an Amazon Prime subscriber
  2. You do care about a camera
  3. You want a better product overall

For the less technically-inclined people out there, the Google Nest Hub will be the best option for you. Chances are you’ve already used Google before, so Google Assistant will already be able to have a head start on your information, preferences, and more. Google Assistant also works a lot better with Android users than Alexa does.

For people who are Amazon Prime users, the Echo Show is for you. The Echo Show enables you to make use of all of Amazon’s services. It is pricier, but it is worth the additional money.

Additional Smart Display Options

If you’re not satisfied with the above options, don’t worry, because there are others. There is also the Echo Show 5, and the upcoming Google Nest Hub Max.

The Echo Show 5 is Amazon’s way of competing with Google in the bargain bin smart display market. Priced at $89.99 USD, The Echo Show 5 screen is 1.5 inches smaller than the Google Nest Hub but comes equipped with a camera. If we had to pick between the Google Nest Hub and the Echo Show 5, we’d still pick the Google Nest Hub. But if you’re an Amazon user and/or want a cheaper smart display with a camera, then go for the Echo 5.

If we are being honest, the Google Nest Hub Max looks like it will take the top spot for smart displays. With a screen roughly the same size as the Echo Show, the Google Nest Hub Max comes equipped with a Nest Cam. With the Nest Cam, you can use the Nest Aware security camera service and Google’s own video chat feature, Google Duo. Keep in mind that to use Nest Aware, you will need a subscription, and Google Duo only works with people who also have Google Duo. Therefore, it might be a while before you have any friends or family that you can video chat with.

The Google Nest Hub Max will be released sometime this summer and will be priced the same as the Echo Show. We won’t know for sure until we get our hands on it, but due to Google’s smart display being a bit more newbie friendly, we stand behind our words that it’ll likely be the best smart display on the market.