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Want to Keep Track of Your Health? Use These 3 Android Diet Apps

Diet Apps for Android

Let me guess, you have been exercising regularly, but still are not able to reach your fitness goals. You’re not alone. You see, to make sure your hours at the gym pay off, you need to follow a proper diet. You can keep a log of your exercise and eating habits using diet apps for Android.

This does not mean that you should shift completely to salads, eat less, or go keto. Taking a balanced diet every day in proportion to your exertion is enough. It helps you stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.

However, not everyone can afford to consult an expert dietician regularly. That’s where diet apps for Android come in. Countless apps claim to help their users with everything from weight loss to healthy eating and well-being.

In this article, we have rounded up the best diet apps for Android, with all the essential information regarding diet apps for you. So, let’s get started!

What Are Diet Apps?

Just like any other app, diet apps are online portals where you can access all the resources you need to improve your eating habits. These apps are usually free for Android and iOS users, but some require monthly subscription charges as well.

You can download these apps on your mobile device to get notifications and essential information on the go. Most importantly, through these apps, you can use your screen time more productively.

Why Do You Need a Diet App?

Whether you are looking to strengthen your muscles, lose weight, eat healthily, or add some discipline and accountability to your lifestyle, a diet app is a step towards your goal.

Let’s face it; no one likes displaying their vulnerabilities and insecurities to people. Through a good diet app, you can get all the help you want without reaching out to an actual person. Although these apps do not work like artificial intelligence and you will have to muster up some determination to keep yourself on track, you can quickly get the hang of it once you get started.

Diet apps have routine diet plans customized according to your physical needs. Aside from that, some apps also provide exciting recipes where you get ingredients to make things easier for you.

What Should You Look for in Your Diet App?

If you are planning to use a diet app to reach your fitness goals, it is important to choose one that has all the essential features to make your journey easier. First of all, look for reliability and good user ratings when looking for a diet app for yourself.

Furthermore, you should choose one that’s compatible with your mobile device. There are many apps available that are compatible with multiple devices, as well.

Other than that, the app should have a clear interface and should be easy to use. This way, you will not have to waste a lot of time learning the ropes. While most diet apps are initially free, some apps are worth the price you pay for them, so try to look for good deals.

Most importantly, the diet app should show customized results and recommendations based on your health needs, weight and height. Many diet apps take your location and daily work routine into account as well.

However, with a diet app, there should not be a one size fits all approach. That’s why you will have to check which app fits your needs and works best for you. Here’s a list of the diet apps for Android that we like best to help you choose for yourself.

Best Diet Apps for Android

Here are the three top apps you can download to your Android device today to help moderate a healthy diet.

My Fitness Pal

If you are looking for a diet app for Android, you have probably heard of My Fitness Pal. It’s the most popular Android app with a database of more than 11 million global foods and cuisines.

To start with, the app calculates the calories you need per day, depending on your age, weight, gender and overall lifestyle.

After that, you are able to log the food you consume every day on the app. Once you have done that, the app will process the food and automatically generate the calories you have taken. Apart from calories, the app also displays the number of sugars, carbs and vitamins in every meal you consume.

Moreover, My Fitness Pal identifies the problem in your food intake and provides practical diet plans to improve your lifestyle. Also, you get guidelines and daily tips to help stay on track. What makes this app great for Android users is its intuitive interface and accessibility. It’s completely free and has no hidden charges as well.


Fooducate is an innovative diet app for Android users. It’s an excellent option for Android users because it is easy to download and you will not be charged any fee to get started. All the basic features are free, but you have to pay for some extra add-ons. You can pay for the app on a weekly or yearly basis.

But is it worth the price? Fooducate does all the basic stuff that a diet app does, like counting calories, keeping in track of exercise and providing diet plans.

What makes this app different is that it gives you all the essential details about your calorie intake with the calorie count. This way, you can see a precise analysis of all the calories you consume. With that information, you can work out a way to consume more good calories, rather than just reduce your calorie intake.

My Net Diary

My Net Diary is another productive Android diet app, also known as the calorie counter and the food diary. You can easily download it on your Android device for free. However, if you want full functionality, you have to pay about $40 per month.

Getting to the productive features, the app gives you your diet plan and daily calorie count according to your lifestyle and weight loss goals. Most importantly, it can recognize supermarket barcodes so you can use it while grocery shopping to make smart choices.

Besides calories, the app shows you the macronutrients in your food as well, including proteins, carbs and vitamins. In fact, you can scan through 45 different nutrients and incorporate them into your diet.

The reason this app is great for Android users is that its compatible with other fitness trackers as well. It can directly store the information from your Android fitness device and use it to generate useful information for you.

Final Words

That wraps up our review for the best diet apps for Android. All of these apps provide useful information regarding your everyday food intake so that you can make better choices. To choose the best one for yourself, you have to keep the price and features in mind.

Remember, none of these diet apps for Android are useful if you are not focused on your goals. Your fitness goal will remain a dream if you do not use the information productively and bring responsibility and accountability in your lifestyle. Don’t worry, just keep a closer eye on what goes in your mouth, exercise regularly and you will be fine. Good luck!