Wirless headphones are a good option for the gym.

Your Gym Headphone Buying Guide

The Best Headphones for the Gym

If you are tired of your headphone’s wire flailing while you exercise you should consider changing your headphones. Gyms are often noisy and the sound of machines and music coming out of gym speakers can affect concentration. Therefore, investing in the best headphones for the gym is now more of a necessity than a luxury and we are here to help by telling you what the best headphones for the gym are.

Instead of buying traditional headphones, you should switch to wireless headphones. Not only can wireless headphones connect to Bluetooth, but they make your workout a lot easier too. Always look for sweat-resistant headphones for the gym.

You can find a large variety of wireless headphones in the market. If you do not like working out much, buy a good pair of headphones will make your time exciting.

What to Look For

When you look for headphones for the gym, priorities are different than headphones for casual use. The best headphones for the gym need to be waterproof. Sweat is bad for electronics, which is why it is mandatory to buy sweat-proof headphones. The headphones should also be comfortable enough so you can wear it for long hours. A lightweight pair of headphones will stay in your ear and they are comfortable as well.

Finding the best headphones for the gym that will fit your criteria can be hard. We know the struggle is real. We have listed some of the best headphones for the gym to help you make an informed decision.

Letsfit Wireless Headphones IPX7

Letsfit headphone IPX7 is specially designed for all kinds of outdoor activities. The company focuses on manufacturing products that help to lead a healthy life. Established in 2016, Letsfit is an American company famous for products like wireless headphones, health trackers and similar products.

A good battery time is the first thing you should notice before purchasing headphones. You surely do not want to spend your day without music. Letsfit has an energy-efficient battery, which gives you up to 15 hours playback after charging for only two hours.

The ergonomic design allows you to wear the headphones comfortably for long hours. They will not fall out again and again so you can enjoy jogging without any hassle. The headphones come with four different sizes of ear tips. You can wear it with any size, whichever is comfortable for you.

You can connect the headphones with Bluetooth and enjoy music. The headphones have a microphone so you can make calls as well. You can attend incoming calls and change music using a single button on the headphones. The background noises will not disturb you when you are wearing the headphones as they have a noise-canceling feature.

No matter how strenuous the exercise is you do, the sweat will not affect the performance of the headphones as they are waterproof. IPX7 is super lightweight and compact so you can carry them anywhere with ease.

Srhythm NC25 Wireless Headphone

Srhythm NC25 headphones are famous for their sleek and durable design. The Tokyo based company is famous for manufacturing different kinds of headphones since 2017. In such a short period, the company introduced many headphones with new technology.

These headphones have active noise cancellation technology, which prohibits the noise from reaching you. Whether you are traveling or going to the gym, you can peacefully enjoy the music without getting bothered by the outdoor disturbance.

Just like Letsfit headphones, NC25 has a microphone as well. You can attend calls and listen to music on the go with NC25 over-ear headphones. The Bluetooth connectivity, high sound quality and compatibility with every system make this product a worthy purchase.

The headphones have both wired and wireless modes. You can connect the headphones with PC, TV or any Bluetooth compatible device. The battery life is significant, so you can easily use the headphones for a more extended period.

The NC25 is travel-friendly. They are lightweight and foldable. Its classic design will not deface after you fold the headphones and carry it somewhere. The headphones are made of sturdy material. Hence, it ensures longevity, as well.

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Powerbeats Pro earphones are one of a kind. They are manufactured by Beats, which is an American based company. The Beat is a subsidiary of Apple and they are popular for producing audible products like headphones and speakers.

Like every other headphone, Powerbeats pro also works with a Bluetooth connection. You do not need to connect the earphone every time with your iPhone. You can open the case and headsets will connect automatically. The Powerbeats pro has a microphone so you can make calls as well.

No matter how intense your training will be, you can use the earphones for 24 hours. When not in use, they will automatically turn into sleep mode. There is a volume control on each earbud which connects to the Bluetooth individually. The earphones are compatible with iOS only.

The Powerbeats pro is specially designed for the gym, as they are waterproof. The earphones are very light so you can wear them for long hours. The ergonomic design is comfortable, as well as looks excellent.

TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Headphones

One of the best headphones for the gym is Treblab Z2. The American based company, Treblab, is famous for high quality wireless audible products. Since 2015, they have been manufacturing speakers, headphones and so much more.

Treblab Z2 is custom designed for your workout needs, so whether you jump or run, they will not fall. The earpads are soft and super comfortable, so you feel like you are not wearing a device. Besides, the headphones are made of robust material so that it can last long.

Z2 comes with a built-in HD microphone, which allows you to attend calls and connect with virtual assistants. The headphones have 40mm speakers with high-quality sound and T-Quiet active noise canceling features. This feature will block all the external noises so you can enjoy your music.

The headphones have a battery life of up to 35 hours, which makes this product our absolute favorite. The slim and sleek design of Z2 is another reason behind its popularity. The headphones come with a travel case so you can easily carry it everywhere.

The Bottom Line

We have mentioned all the features of headphones that are loved by users. You can choose any one of them according to your budget and preference. Hopefully, after going through this article, you become more aware of the features and can now decide which pair of headphones to buy.

Treblab Z2 is our favorite among all. It has all the features you should look for in the best headphone for the gym. It has high-quality sound, noise cancelation, long battery time, it is wireless and waterproof.

So, empty your wallets and buy wireless headphones to keep yourself more focused at the gym.