A wireless keyboard.

Enjoy the Freedom of Typing With These 4 Wireless Keyboards

What Is the Best Wireless Keyboard?

The wonderful world of technology has a lot of devices that have wireless counterparts. There are wireless headsets, wireless mice for laptops and desktops, wireless headphones and wireless video game console controllers. You get the picture. But what we are really going to focus on is the best wireless keyboard.

It would be a surprise if you have never heard of wireless keyboards before, as they are one of the most niche pieces of wireless technology out there. But for some, there is value in using a wireless keyboard over the typical wired one (primarily for work purposes). First, let’s talk about what wireless keyboards are.

What Is a Wireless Keyboard?

A wireless keyboard is similar to a wireless mouse, as these devices function in roughly the same way. A wireless keyboard connects to computers, laptops and even mobile devices by plugging in a receiver or adapter into one of the available USB ports, and then connecting your wireless keyboard to that receiver or adapter. There are also wireless keyboards that can connect via Bluetooth.

Some wireless keyboards are tailored towards desktop usage, and others are geared towards laptop usage and gaming. Whatever you are looking for, there is certainly an option that you will like.

Why Do People Use Wireless Keyboards?

Some people are sticklers about wires, even when it comes to keyboards. Obviously, this is not an issue if you are using a wireless keyboard. Another highlight of using a wireless keyboard is the convenience factor. With no wires, there is no need to have your keyboard on your desk. You can use this freed up space for something else, like paperwork or your cat that insists on laying down somewhere in your work area.

Wireless keyboards also mean that you do not need to be right in front of the computer anymore. If you find the sofa to be more comfortable than your desk chair, go for it. Wireless keyboards are also common among “techies”. Wireless keyboards can connect to any desktop or laptop which makes them great for people who are on the go.

How to Use a Wireless Keyboard

As stated earlier, using a wireless keyboard is simple. All you have to do is plug in the adapter for your wireless keyboard into one of your USB ports in your device of choice. After that, just connect your keyboard to the adapter and you are good to go.

What Is the Best Wireless Keyboard?

Here we have outlined the best wireless keyboards in the following departments: budget, Bluetooth, Apple products and the best overall.

Best for the Budget: Logitech MK540 Advanced Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combination

If you are looking at getting a wireless keyboard but do not want to spend too much money, the MK540 is a great option for you. The MK540 allows for functionality up to 10 meters away from your wireless receiver. Expect 2.4GHz RF signals here and they do the job well.

This wireless keyboard has numerous programmable keys, low noise and the wireless mouse is a nice bonus. It comes with a set of batteries for both the keyboard and mouse, which are expected to last for 36 months and 18 months respectively.

The MK540 works well with Windows and Chrome OS but loses out on some functionality with MacOS, so keep that in mind if you are a MacBook user. It’s a sturdy wireless keyboard, but not the most compact, so it is not ideal for on the go usage. You can also do a lot better when it comes to wireless mice (from Logitech or otherwise) than the stock mouse. It is sold for $27.95.

Best Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard: Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech is one of the biggest names in technology and for good reason. Their products are top tier. As you may have gathered from the name, the K380 enables you to connect to up to three different devices with this keyboard, and switch between the three at the drop of a hat. It’s unlikely most people would need to switch between three devices, but if you are on Overwatch or something, then this is the keyboard for you.

This keyboard has been out for a while, but it holds up very well. It’s got a solid two years of battery life and can connect with pretty much any of your smart devices or computers. It’s also a compact keyboard which makes it pretty good for traveling. Given the utility that it provides, the price tag is very respectable at $29.99.

While the compact design of this keyboard is generally a good thing, if you have larger hands, you may accidentally press some keys from time to time. This keyboard also has a few commonplace keys missing that might annoy you if you are used to them on wired keyboards.

Best Apple Wireless Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

It should not come as a surprise that the best option for Apple loyalists is a fellow Apple product. I specifically recommend the Apple Magic Keyboard that has a numeric keypad over the older Magic Keyboard without a number pad. It’s almost half a foot longer and the numeric keypad might be a deal breaker for some.

The keys are nice and slick, and there are 19 function keys for you to play with. Typing and utilizing shortcuts and console commands are a breeze with this keyboard. It also comes with a rechargeable battery, so you never need to scramble to see if you have any AA or AAA batteries lying around.

Your hands will glide across this keyboard effortlessly, but this will not last forever. The flatness of this keyboard can possibly put a strain on your hands after a period of long-term use. Keep that in mind.

This is an Apple product, which is to say that it is expensive at $119. If you do not use the numeric keypad religiously, I would recommend that you save $30 and purchase the original Magic Keyboard instead.

Best Overall Wireless Keyboard: Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

I promise you; I am not a Logitech fanboy; Logitech products are just that good. One of the things that Logitech does extremely well is ergonomics and the MX Keys is no exception. This is an incredibly durable keyboard of a metal plate with excellently designed stroke keys. If your mouse of choice is the MX Master 3 or any other Logitech Flow enabled mouse, then you will feel even more at home.

The MX Keys is not only compatible with nearly every OS you can think of, including Mac OS and Linux OS, but it can also be used for several different devices. There are no detection issues from what I can see and it has a solid amount of battery life from a rechargeable power source.

The MX Keys is expensive at $99, but you are getting what you pay for. You will not have to get another keyboard for a very long time if you invest in the MX Keys.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Wireless Keyboard

I highly recommend that anyone considering purchasing a wireless keyboard really asks themselves if they are that bothered by your keyboard having a wire. Some of these keyboards cost a good amount of money, so just make sure that you really need one of these before you go blowing a hundred bucks.

Also, when buying a wireless keyboard, make sure it is for a good purpose. Most people with wireless keyboards are techies who have them for work purposes. If you do not have a specific reason for needing one, it is highly unlikely that you need to bother yourself with getting a wireless keyboard

Wireless mice are in a good place now, but back in the day they were all but completely dismissed as being inferior to their wired siblings. The reason for this was detection issues and those issues have followed wireless keyboards.

Some users may experience problems with the keyboard lacking the precision of a wired keyboard. If you have a high word per minute count, do not be surprised if your wireless keyboard of choice may not be able to keep up with your keystrokes. Wireless keyboards can also be a bit finicky when it comes to how far away from your receiver you can be.