Someone playing on their PS4.

What are the Best PS4 Headsets?

All There is to Know About the Best PS4 Headsets

If you are a hardcore PS4 gamer, but you do not have a gaming headset yet or you are new to gaming, then you have come to the perfect place. We will talk about eighth and ninth generation gaming consoles and headsets. We will also be checking out what the best PS4 headsets are.

What is a PS4?

The PS4 is Sony’s eighth generation, multipurpose home entertainment console. It is capable of next generation gaming, as well as 4K multimedia playback for Blu-Ray and DVD. The PS4 competed with Nintendo Wii U and Microsoft Xbox One as king of console gaming in a near two decade competition.

Both the Wii U and Xbox One have their merits, but the PS4 is arguably the best home console of the eighth generation. It has got plenty of console exclusives, which by themselves are enough to warrant buying a PS4. The PS5 may be coming soon, but the PS4 will still have plenty of value and provide an endless amount of entertainment for years to come. So, do not feel the need to rush into buying the inevitably expensive ninth generation console the day it is released.

What is a Gaming Headset?

A gaming headset is a headset designed specifically for gaming with a built-in microphone. They are built using various materials such as padded ear pads for comfort and have superior sound quality compared to your standard set of headphones.

Why is a Good Gaming Headset Important?

Headphones cannot compare to gaming headsets. When it comes to FPS games, PC is the superior system to play on. Think of gaming headsets as a mouse and keyboard for your ears and headphones, a console controller. Some of the many benefits provided by a good gaming headset include:

Superior Audio and Sound Quality

This is important in any game, but especially FPS titles. Your headset could be the difference between hearing the footsteps of an enemy and killing them before they kill you.

Ability to Block Out External Noises

As someone who spent the last days of high school every year in the computer lab playing Counter-Strike with $20 Walmart headphones, I can assure you that headphones will not block out the sounds of noisy roommates or passing trains.

Sound Proof

Plug in some regular headphones into your DualShock’s port, crack the volume all the way up and I guarantee you will hear the game audio from a fair distance away. If you want your mom to stop yelling at you to turn the volume down, a gaming headset can help put an end to those embarrassing scenarios that your online buddies roast you for.

Good Microphones

Do you want to play multiplayer games like Overwatch and Fortnite with your friends? It will probably help if you have a microphone to communicate with them during your matches.

You Feel More Immersed in the Game

The drastically improved sound and audio quality that comes with upgrading from headphones to a gaming headset cannot be emphasized enough. If you are the kind of gamer who likes to dive deep into a game, then you need a headset.

Best PS4 Headsets to Choose From

Now that we have told you what you need to know about gaming headsets, let us give you our recommendations to help take your PS4 gaming to the next level. We have selected several for you to consider, including options for those just testing the waters and for those on a budget.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC Wired Gaming Headset

Price: $239.99

The most premium pick on our list is arguably the best. SteelSeries is a dominating name in gaming peripherals. The Arctis Pro is extremely durable. It is made with lightweight steel and aluminum alloy, perfect for a sleek and sturdy build. The Airweave ear pads are very comfortable, as well.

The audio quality is top notch. It has Hi-Res 40,000Hz drivers and DTS Headphone:X v2.0 surround sound. It has a great mic too, which is always a good thing since some headsets seem to cut back a bit on mic quality to focus more on overall sound quality.

The GameDAC provides every feature a gamer could ever want in a headset and more. This is a pro’s choice, so for a lot of regular gamers, this can easily be considered an overkill option. If you are not a fan of wires, then avoid this one as well

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition

Price: $99.99

This is a standard price for a gaming headset and the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is one of the best $100 makes. Admittedly, this headset’s THX 7.1 spacial audio does not work on PS4, but even without it, it is a fine headset for any PS4 gamer to have. The 5.1 Audio will be crisp, the ear pads are comfortable and the retractable mic is excellent. This is also a very sturdy gaming headset, especially at the $100 price range.

You can purchase the ultimate edition for an additional $30, but we would not recommend it. The standard tournament edition is perfectly fine.

PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset

Price: $110.95

Made for the PlayStation 4, this is a great option for people who 100% only see themselves gaming on the PS4 and not PC as well. Because this headset is made specifically for PS4, it sets itself apart and ahead of a lot of the competition.

Great wireless headsets at this price range are hard to find and the Platinum Wireless is arguably the best out there. I know a lot of gamers who prefer console over PC because of the usage of wireless controllers not having to be right in front of your computer screen. With this headset, you never have to worry about any cables getting in your way.

The 7.1 virtual surround sound is great and this headset has great battery life, which is always a concern when it comes to anything wireless. The dual mics are good and this headset even offers 3D audio for a few games. There are also some exclusive audio modes that you can play with inside the PlayStation Store

Turtle Beach Recon 70P

Price: $39.95

If it is a budget gaming headset you want, then the Turtle Beach Recon 70P is what you are looking for.

Available in several different color schemes, the Recon 70P uses 40MM speakers, which more than get the job done. For $40, we have no complaints about the sound. It is not the sturdiest headset around, but it is plenty durable unless you are a rage gamer who throws their stuff around. The earpads do not sport the memory foam like the more expensive headsets, but the synthetic leather is comfortable. The mic is not the greatest, but as we mentioned above, the mic is usually the feature that suffers the most when delving into budget headset territory.

This headset can also be used with almost every modern gaming console or smart device, which is a big plus if you are more than just a PS4 gamer or want something for your kids.

In Conclusion

This is a great entry gaming headset for anyone new to this. Keep in mind that most people are used to standard headphones, so even a budget headset will be like watching a movie in a theater compared to your headphones.