Someone using Siri.

14 Cool Ways to Use Siri

What Can Siri Do?

Siri is an incredible tool that exists as more than a gimmick on your iPhone, but what can Siri do? Siri is a phone assistant designed to quickly answer any questions you may have at the simple command of your voice.

Siri has the potential to do more than answer random questions at parties to get a giggle. With the right level of interaction, Siri can help you to navigate your daily life with ease. Siri can easily be integrated into your daily life and simplify everything you need to do at home and at work. Here are some ways Siri can simplify your life.

Opening Apps

This feature tends to be overlooked by users. It is one of the simplest to use by commanding Siri to open an app. This can help if you have too many icons and you can also use spotlight search to find apps. The idea is to save time. Using Siri to open apps will certainly make your life easier.

Easy Access to Information

Since Siri is connected to the web, so you can simply ask a question and it will respond with a range of information available on Google and Wikipedia. Siri also reads the best definition out aloud and can easily answer difficult questions. Want to find cool jokes or pick-up lines? Siri has you covered. Whatever your question, Siri can basically use its algorithms to answer you.

Organizing Your Day

With Siri, you can connect your calendar and organize your day. Siri will ensure your events show up on your notifications and will send you a voice prompt to remind you of an event or meeting. It becomes easier to schedule events in life.

Create Reminders

If you have an appointment coming up, you can ask Siri to remind you of the event at a specific time. This is a great organizational tool as some tasks, like taking the trash out in time, might slip your mind. It can also work for birthdays, anniversaries and other special events.

Set Timers and Alarms

If you are an avid jogger or looking for a timer for charades at a party, Siri can assist with a countdown timer at the command of your voice. You can use the timer for anything from sprinting to cooking. You can use the voice command to set the alarm.

Take Notes and Make Lists

Note Taking has become much easier with developments like Siri. You can take any type of notes, clips from the web, voice recordings and more to be stored in the Notes app. Siri is also good at creating lists and you can assign items to specific lists too.

Making Calculations

At times when you need a quick percentage to seal those sale negotiations or when you are trying to convert measurements in a recipe, Siri is there to help. Siri is connected to your calculator so you can get the answer to pretty much any equation you punch in.


Those with a passion for traveling and discovering other cultures will find this feature most useful. You can easily ask Siri to help you translate a phrase to English or from English to another language. This is an easy way to keep communication lines open no matter where you are in the world.

Reminders at Locations

With Siri, you can program a location and associate a reminder with it. You can say things such as “remind me to get feta cheese at Mike’s Green Grocer” or “Remind me to call mom at home.” This feature simplifies having to remember everything on your own and allows you to be more efficient and get more done. Siri will either send you a prompt in writing or via voice depending on your settings.

Make Calls and Send Messages

If you are always on the move, Siri can help you easily make hands free calls, messages and emails. You can add your preferred contact list to your favorite and Siri will select the address or numbers by default.

Typing via Voice Dictation

Of course, this is how you would draft an email or text, meaning that you can also tap the microphone on your keyboard to type via dictation. This makes it faster and easier to take notes when you are too lazy to type.

Access Your Music

Using Siri’s voice dictation, you can open any app and with the music app, you can directly command Siri to go straight to a certain artist or song. “Siri, play Delicate by Taylor Swift” is all you need to say to get a good day going.

Find Places to Go

All dressed up with nowhere to go? No problem, Siri can you help you find good restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, day spas, malls and more around you. Depending on how you let your hair down, whether it is through salsa dancing or eating a good meal at a fine restaurant, Siri has got your back. What is even better is that you can know the weather predictions to plan your outing accordingly.

Keep an Eye on Traffic

You can set up Siri to let you know when traffic is hectic in a certain area to adequately plan your journey time. This is ideal when your iPhone is connected to your car and you can avoid traffic or take alternative routes while driving.

Welcome to the World of Siri

It is incredible that the two little words “Hey Siri” can transform the way you use your phone as a tool to help you organize your time and be more productive. You can also teach Siri to get familiar with accents and teach Siri how to pronounce names and words in your accent.

This way, your life becomes easier with your new assistant. Siri has grown to seriously change the way people interact with technology and has created innovative ways to improve one’s quality of life.