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A Quick Guide to Popular Vivint Home Security Products

Peace of Mind Is Priceless

Looking for top-of-the-line home security? Look no further because Vivint provides home-owners all over America and Canada with smart home security services and products. The company, co-founded in 1999 by CEO Todd Pedersen, sells home security systems, including cameras, thermostats and doorbells. Almost all of their products are rated as some of the best out there.

Not convinced? That’s okay. Check out our reviews of some of the Vivint’s most popular products and see for yourself.

What Is Vivint?

First of all, let’s do a proper introduction. As mentioned above, Vivint is a home security service provider based in the United States and Canada. However, what you don’t know is that Vivint is a thriving business with over 500,000 customers all over North America.

As a result, Vivint is known as one of the United States’ largest automation companies. You can easily get Vivint services, the contracts for which typically last five years or so. Moreover, the standard monthly fee for 24/7 home monitoring is only $39.99 USD.

If you add up all the benefits you get, this doesn’t seem like much. These benefits include:

  • Free installation
  • A lifetime warranty
  • Flexible contracts at 0% interest
  • Full home automation equipment with the specialized VivintSky app
  • Live streaming via the VivintSky app
  • Outdoor CCTV

A Guide to the Most Popular Vivint Products in 2019

Vivint sells services as well as equipment. Therefore, if you don’t need an entire monitoring system, you can always buy the equipment separately. All Vivint products are expert-certified so you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best.

Vivint’s most popular products include:

Smart Thermostats

If you’re looking for a smart home thermostat, you can’t go wrong with Vivint. Some of Vivint’s best-selling items are their thermostats, including the Vivint Element Home Z-Wave Plus.

The smart Vivint thermostats automatically control room temperature. If you’re feeling cold on the couch, you don’t need to get up.

The Vivint Element thermostat, in particular, is a very reliable device. It’s programmed to sense temperature changes and automatically maintain your preferred temperature setting. It has two main features: a smart program and Z-Wave tech.

The smart program means you only need to set your temperatures once, and the device will retain that information. After a few uses, the Element Thermostat will sense and learn what temperature you like, and performs climate control by itself. Therefore, for those who get warm at night, Vivint Element is the perfect device.

Additionally, the Vivint Element thermostat senses when you’re not at home. So, if you’re at work or on vacation, the device will turn off, leaving you with fewer energy costs.

What’s Z-Wave technology? Well, it’s what allows you to access your Vivint Element online via a radio frequency. You can change the temperature using a third-party Z-Wave device or from your phone or tablet using the VivintSky App (available on both Google Play and the App Store).

Through Z-Wave tech, you can access the thermostat anywhere and even get notifications on temperature changes.

  • Includes extra batteries
  • Highly recommended by users
  • Very durable
  • Easy to use
  • Somewhat expensive

4K Cameras

Being a security service provider, Vivint sells a wide range of cameras from outdoor cameras to doorbell cameras. We recommend going for the Vivint Outdoor Wireless Camera as it’s their most well-rounded surveillance camera.

Other than this, there is also the Vivint Ping Camera and Vivint Doorbell Camera. In terms of resolution quality, the Vivint Ping and Vivint Outdoor cameras are 1080p while the Vivint Doorbell is 720p. Like the thermostats, you can access camera footage via the VivintSky app.

The Vivint Outdoor Wireless Camera is the better choice because it comes with 4K picture quality. This means its video display has at least 8 million active pixels. The footage is high resolution, giving you HD recordings.

Moreover, the Vivint Outdoor Camera is fully capable of enduring harsh outdoor conditions. Therefore, you can install it outside your home without worrying about external damage.

  • Easy to use
  • Low installation costs
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Sleek design
  • No instruction manual


Doorbells are an integral part of a home security system. If you’re looking for a good doorbell surveillance system, go for the Vivint Doorbell Camera instead of the Vivint Outdoor Wireless Camera. The Vivint Doorbell lets you have a 180-degree view of your front door surroundings.

Moreover, it’s built with a photoelectric detector and lithium batteries, making it a highly smart and durable device. You can check if someone’s at your front door even when you’re not home. The automatic lock allows you to open the door to your family or friends through your phone, making things more convenient.

Apart from the Vivint Doorbell Camera, you can also find door and window sensors. These sensors are compact, sleek and unobtrusive to other devices in your home. Using these sensors, you can easily detect movement outside your home.

  • Two-in-one doorbell and camera system
  • Easy activation
  • Provides 24/7 live feed
  • Multiple ringtones
  • Video quality isn’t as good as other cameras

Home Security System

Instead of individual equipment, if you want the entire home security system, there are three main packages for you to choose from. As we said above, the standard package costs about $39.99 USD per month.

This contract is called the Smart Home package. It includes smartphone access and free home automation support, meaning you get help installing Google Home or Amazon Echo services inside your place.

Other packages include the Smart Security package, which costs $29.99 USD per month. It’s similar to the Smart Home package, but it doesn’t include home automation support. Lastly, there is the Smart Home Video package that costs $49.99 USD per month. It has everything the Smart Home contract does except it also includes CCTV support.

The length of each contract differs, lasting from 0 to 60 months based on your preferences. You can apply for these contracts and view special offers on the Vivint website.

  • Can go contract-free if you want
  • App access
  • Efficient system
  • Great customer support
  • Requires extra costs like moving fees
  • Need to pay for alarm permit as well


In sum, Vivint sells many great home security products that make your life easier. Home security is a necessity these days, so you need something reliable and efficient. Vivint systems, while not perfect, help make your home safer and more organized with the use of smart home automation technology. Therefore, you should try them out.