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Best Black Friday T-Mobile Deals

Get Ready to Shop

The best shopping event of the year is just around the corner, and we know just how excited you must be to bag a bargain this Black Friday. During this major shopping celebration, brands compete to offer customers great Black Friday deals, and few match the well-documented efforts of T-Mobile. Every year, they manage to amaze customers with great deals on mobile devices and data plans - offering freebies and huge savings.

In this article, we’ll be looking back at the very T-Mobile deals from Black Friday 2022 and predicting what might be coming up in this year’s big event. From iPhone to Android and everything in between, there’s a new phone for you this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Read on to find your next mobile plan.

When Is Black Friday This Year?

Black Friday 2023 is happening on 24th November - the day after Thanksgiving, as is tradition. You’ll be able to secure great deals on this day, as well as in the run-up to the big event. The Monday following Black Friday is known as Cyber Monday. On this date, you’ll be able to find even more discounts on offer from tech companies, including T-Mobile.

What Were T-Mobile’s Black Friday Deals In 2022?

Read on to discover our favorite T-Mobile Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from 2022 and discover our predictions for this year’s event on November 24. These cell phone deals were among the best in the market last year, and we expect to see equally great offers this year. Let’s learn more about them.

Samsung Chromebook Go

The Samsung Chromebook Go was offered free to customers on Black Friday 2022, so long as they activated a 5GB iPhone or Android plan with T-Mobile. This freebie involved customers buying the device upfront and then receiving the full amount back across a 24-month billing period.

The Samsung Chromebook Go has a spill-resistant keyboard and 180-degree hinge, which makes it one of the best laptops on the market today. This is what was so surprising about T-Mobile practically giving it away for free.

This special offer was hugely popular with customers, and it’s unlikely that T-Mobile won’t be inviting you to enjoy a similar opportunity this year, whether using the same laptop or that of a different brand.

iPhone 14 Pro

In 2022, T-Mobile offered customers an incredible up to US$1,000 saving on the iPhone 14 Pro - Apple’s best mobile model at the time. This fantastic offer was secured through credits whereby you’d take out a Magenta Max mobile plan with T-Mobile and trade in a device. A recent iPhone could have bagged you the US$1,000 saving, while older models could have got you a still impressive US$400.

The best news is you didn’t even need to trade in an iPhone. You could also have traded in a Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy. The saving wasn’t provided to you straight away, however. Instead, it was done as credits across a 24-month bill cycle.

With Apple having released the iPhone 15 lineup last month, we expect to see more great deals on iPhones from T-Mobile this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s a high chance that they’ll have the same offer for the iPhone 15 Pro. Plus, we expect to see great offers on the standard iPhone 15 and Max models, too.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

2021 saw the release of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, a state-of-the-art smartwatch running Wear OS 3 and combining the technological geniuses of Samsung and Google. It brought blood pressure monitoring to the Samsung Galaxy Watch lineup for the first time and could run 4G connectivity.

One year later, in 2022, T-Mobile was offering the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 for free when customers took out a data plan. This saved customers hundreds of dollars. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we expect to see the same or a similar offer for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 that was released in 2022. This device featured sleep coaching and improved battery performance alongside much-loved features like the classic step counter.

What Will The T-Mobile Black Friday 2023 Deals Be?

While T-Mobile’s 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers aren’t yet live, the 2022 examples above give us an indication of the types of discounts and savings we’re expecting to see. From free laptops to big savings on smartwatches and new iPhones, we expect there’ll be lots to get excited about.

Whether the offers are similar or different, there’s one thing we can be certain of - it’s going to be a T-Mobile Black Friday event to remember.

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