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Top 3 Bumping Sound Systems for Your Car

The Best Sound System for Car

Right now, you might not be spending as much time in your car as you normally would but going for daytime drives is nice. Summer is coming up and there is nothing like driving down a long road, feeling the breeze on your face as you jam to your favorite tunes playing on your car sound system.

If you are going to blare your music full blast, then it is probably best that you have a sweet sound system to handle it. Times have changed though and a sound system in your car is no longer a radio, CD player and basic stereo. So, let’s get down to the details of what a 2020 sound system is.

What Is a Sound System?

A sound system is any system used to amplify or play audio for an audience. This could be the loudspeaker at your school used to make sure students hear the weekly announcements, or a guitar amplifier used by your favorite rock band so those guitar riffs sound better. Sound systems have evolved over time and differ depending on their primary usage. Three common components of sound systems are transducers, which convert acoustic energy into electrical energy (and vice versa), amplifiers that increase the power of a signal, and processors, which process a signal.

What Is a Sound System for Car?

First it was the radio, then you had cassette players, then CD players and now you have sound systems with smart technology compatibility. You have access to things like Bluetooth, USBs, hard drives, SD cards, smartphones, hands-free calling and more. It’s amazing how far along technology has come over the years.

Why Are Sounds Systems a Big Deal for Cars?

Sometimes, you might enjoy a quiet drive on a Sunday morning, but when you are own your daily commute to and from work, going on a day trip, or stuck in traffic on the highway, having something to listen to helps drivers a lot.

Love books but do not have a ton of spare time to read? There are tons of audiobooks out there. Or maybe you are a huge fan of Joe Rogan or Joel Osteen and want to catch the latest podcast or sermon? You can do that. And, of course, you can just listen to some music.

Now that you know a little bit about sound systems, let’s talk about the best brands. There are three that catch my eye the most.

What Is the Best Sound System for Car?

I selected multiple brands rather than just one, so that you are able to explore the different styles and features; some may suit your needs more than others. Let’s take a look.

BOSS Audio Systems

A fitting name for a top tier brand, BOSS Audio Systems has some of the best sound systems for vehicles on the market. BOSS sound systems are very high on digital age functionality and are able to connect with most smart devices out there. Bluetooth functionality allows for hands-free calling, as well as access to many of your smartphone’s apps and media, including Spotify and Pandora. USB and auxiliary inputs are standard, giving you plenty of options to get connected, and you can connect to your speakers of choice as well. You even have access to USB charging to keep your smart devices topped off on battery life.

BOSS sound systems generally come equipped with very easy to navigate interfaces, making them great for people who are not good with technology. A lot of BOSS systems also come with wireless remotes for even more convenience.

The power output of BOSS sound systems varies, but some can give out as much as 80 watts of power for those who really want those tunes to be loud. BOSS products also offer a lot of bang for their buck, so you can snag yourself a great sound system, even if you are on a tight budget.

You can either go for a full digital setup or a jack-of-all-trades sound system that also offers the ability to play CDs and DVDs. Just be sure to know what you want so you can avoid purchasing the wrong sound system for your needs and desires.


Pioneer often takes the approach of “if it is not broke, do not fix it” with their products. As such, they might not have as many bells and whistles, but they rank high on functionality.

It has good power output, standard USB and aux inputs, a bass boost button to kick up the sound, excellent CD players, wireless remotes and more are available here. Some of Pioneer’s sound systems come with a free pair of Alphasonik earbuds which is a nice plus.

If you are looking for a simpler sound system at a great price point, Pioneer is probably the way to go. Keep in mind that some of the more basic ones do not have Bluetooth functionality and are not compatible with iPhones.

Pioneer does offer a more digital-friendly sound system, which comes with Bluetooth functionality and an absolutely massive screen, but it is very expensive. I would recommend it only to people who are really looking to splurge on their sound system.


JVC offers up some top-tier sound quality, especially with their Single-Din Built-In Bluetooth sound system. Expect the standard 50 watts power output, but also expect the ability to connect with two different smartphones for added satisfaction.

Bluetooth functionality, iPhone and Android compatibility, and even voice recognition dialing can be found here. JVC products will not be breaking the bank either, so that is always a plus. JVC also has its own app called JVC Remote, which allows for an even greater degree of control over the sound. There are also a lot of preset buttons which makes it easy to sort out your regular favorites without a hassle.

When it comes to sound systems, JVC has fallen off a little bit which is why I cannot rate them as highly as Pioneer or BOSS Audio, but they still have a few gems that are more than worth the price.

Things to Remember When Buying a Sound System

Since a sound system for car is a pretty serious piece of technology and it may cost you a pretty penny, it is good to know what to keep an eye out for when shopping and what to avoid. Here are some tips when it comes to buying a sound system.

Keep It Simple and Don’t Overthink It

There is a lot of technical jargon involved with sound systems, a lot of which you will not understand and do not need to understand. You do not need to know how a fishing rod functions, you just need to know if you can catch a fish with it. Chances are that any old sound system on the market will work for you.

Know How You’ll Be Using the Sound System

Are you the type of person who makes a lot of calls when you are driving? Then you better make sure to get a good Bluetooth compatible sound system that offers up hands-free calling. Want to relive the good old days and listen to your old CD collection? It’s 2020, so plenty of sound systems do not bother including CD players anymore. Make sure yours does.

Don’t Go Overboard With Spending

Unless you are a trucker, or someone else who spends a lot, there is little reason for you to purchase a sound system that will set you back several hundred dollars. Spend $50 bucks and call it a day.

Don’t Pay Someone to Install It

Installing a sound system into your car might sound like it would be difficult, but trust me, it is not. Don’t waste money hiring a mechanic to do it for you. If you are really worried about messing it up, get a family member to do it for you.