A person sleeping in bed with a duvet over them.

Smartduvet: A Way to Make Your Sleeping Atmosphere Just Right

How to Control Your Sleeping Temperature With a Smartduvet

Starting out as an ambitious project on crowdfunding websites, such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter a couple of years ago, the Smartduvet is a unique device suitable for those who want to get the best possible sleep at night, every night. And after the year 2020, getting to sleep quickly every night and dreaming 2020 was just a nightmare isn’t a half-bad idea.

What is a Smartduvet?

The Smartduvet is a supplementary piece of technology that you can add to your existing bed. You can also adjust aspects of your bedding to your own specifications.

Your Smartduvet will be comprised of three items: the sheet, the control box (which fits perfectly under your bed), and the connector. The sheet is what you will attach to your existing bedding so your Smartduvet can work its magic. The control box holds the electronic components, as well as the blower. And lastly, the connector is what connects the control box and the sheet together, so that your Smartduvet functions.

What Does a Smartduvet Do?

The Smartduvet has two primary functions. The first is to act as a dual-zone heating and cooling system. If you’re a 72F kind of person married to a 63F kind of person, this is the gadget for you.

How it works is that for heating up one side of the bed, the control box pumps heated air into the desired area and then distributes it evenly on your side of the bed. As for the cooling function, the Smartduvet uses evaporation technology to cool down your side of the bed.

A secondary benefit of being able to control your bedding’s temperature is to keep yourself cool and comfortable at night. If you’re the kind of person who tends to sweat a fair bit while you sleep, finding an ideal temperature to sleep at with the Smartduvet would go a long way to eliminating that problem.

The other primary function of the Smartduvet is your bed making itself (if only it were a little cheaper, then this would be a hit with the kids). The technology is similar to that of an air mattresses. You could have an air mattress roll up your hall closet, but every time you take it out and blow it up, it’ll always look the same in the end.

The Smartduvet is the same. No matter how wild of a sleeper you are, or how begrudgingly you throw off the covers to get ready for work in the morning, the Smartduvet will revert to how it originally was. But unlike an air mattress, you don’t have to hand-feed your Smartduvet an air pump for 10 minutes every time.

And as a nice smaller touch? Your control box has ambient lighting capabilities to spruce up your bedroom a little bit. Or, if you’re purchasing this for one of the kids, it can work as a pseudo-nightlight.

How Do You Use a Smartduvet?

Using one is very straightforward. Just make sure that the sheet and the control box are linked via the connector, and then just bring up your phone. Like all pieces of modern-age smart technology, it can be controlled entirely from your smart device (iOS or android). Simply download the Smartduvet app, and you’ll have immediate access to all your device’s features.

Among those features, is the ability to schedule when the Smartduvet cools/heats up your bedding area, as well as what time the it should make your bed. It even comes with internal memory, so it’ll remember your specifications without you needing to constantly remind it.

Prices and Sizing

Originally, the Smartduvet came in five sizes: twin, full, queen, king, and cal king. Twin Size and full size both did not come with dual-zone heating/cooling capabilities. However, after inspecting their website, it appears that twin Size and full size are no longer offered by the company.

Queen, king, and cal king sizes are all still available.

Queen Size
Original Price: $498.00
Current Sale Price: $349.00

King Size
Original Price: $536.00
Current Sale Price: $369.00

Cal King Size
Original Price: $598.00
Current Sale Price: $389.00

Pros and Cons of Smartduvet

The pros:

  • Dual-zone temperature control is a couple’s best friend
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Smartduvet app available for both android and iOS devices
  • International shipping
  • Fully programmable settings
  • Internal memory for safekeeping your preferences
  • Ambient lighting on the control box is a nice touch
  • Reasonably priced
  • Sweaty sleep will be a thing of the past

The cons:

  • Don’t expect it anytime soon. Current shipping estimates are roughly one month
  • If you wanted one of these for the kids, the smaller sizes appear no longer available
  • They’re a little bit on the expensive side if you purchase one off sale

Conclusion: Should You Buy a Smartduvet?

If you’re a couple, purchasing the Smartduvet seems like a good idea. It’s one less somewhat menial thing the two of you will argue about over the years. If you’re single, and one of those people who gets really hot or really cold at night, then it’s definitely a good investment. Getting a good night’s sleep is important, after all.

If you’re an adult who hates making their bed, then I suppose you can pick one up too. This could also be of great benefit for people on the older side, as the less they need to do every day, the better.

All in all, technology is a wonderful thing, and devices like the Smartduvet are making home living even easier.