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How to Choose the Best Internet Plan for Your Business

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Did you recently start a business? Are you unhappy with your existing internet plan? If the answer to both these questions is yes, you might be looking for some internet plans for small business. Over the course of this search, lots of business owners tend to make the wrong choices.

To help you find the best business broadband providers and establish a network, we’ve created this guide. After reading it, you will know what to look for in internet for business and how to pick a proper package.

What to Look for in Business Internet

Business internet plans differ quite a bit from the best internet providers for regular consumers. However, they still abide by the same principles and key features. Here are the most important things by which you should judge a business internet package:

  • How available is it? Lots of ISPs tend to have focus areas. These locations are usually where they have the most customers, and they strategically expand in adjacent neighborhoods. Even though your business is in a populated area, some ISPs will not want to provide their services to you.
  • What is the monthly price? The usual way of looking at business internet packages is the famous “price-to-performance” ratio. However, for small business looking to grow, a bigger investment is sometimes the answer.
  • What is the download speed? Every business transfers a lot of files, including large multimedia excerpts. To make your business run smoothly, look for premium business packages. For design-oriented companies, this is a must.
  • What is the contract length? Some small business internet plans may be excellent, with a low price, but a long contract makes them useless. Small businesses often relocate and grow, making long-term contracts unfitting.
  • Is there a month-to-month payment option? Business internet packages have to be flexible due to possible relocations, expansions and other factors. Also, when a company is in its infancy, tying yourself up in long-term expenses is unwise.
  • How high is the cancellation fee? Business plans change all the time. You want to have a business internet package with a non-existent or low cancellation fee.
  • Are there any extra features? Some ISPs also dabble in the mobile industry, making extra features a common occurrence in today’s business internet market. If you can get smartphones, numbers or cable TV in the same package, it would be a good choice for your small business.
  • Do they have reliable, round-the-clock customer service? Things can always go wrong, and your ISP has to help you in the most efficient way possible. If an ISP has rude, unreliable or limited customer service, you should not be doing business with them.

The Reality of Business Internet

Although all the aforementioned factors are necessary for small businesses, there is always something you have to compromise on. If you wish to have all of the above, then you will likely have to make a large investment in your business internet. For many small businesses, this isn’t possible.

However, keep in mind that broadband stability and quality are the staples of every small business. If you wish to cover this integral part, don’t hesitate to spend a little bit more than you’ve planned. Internet is one of the most important facets in helping a business run successfully.

Should You Choose Cable or Fiber?

Cable technology is based on coax cable lines that were initially meant for television service. This is still the most popular solution in most parts of the world. It’s cheap, available and there is a lesser chance of an ISP refusing to provide the service to you.

However, speed can vary depending on whether you’re using it during peak hours. Cable internet is shared between users in an area, using a common source.

If you’re a small business, fiber internet is the way to go. One of its biggest advantages is that you will have the same download and upload speeds. Businesses love fiber internet because of its scalability.

You can start with a 10-megabyte package and then scale up any time you want. Just call your provider and work with them to alter the old contract.

What Are Some of the Best Internet Packages for Small Businesses?


AT&T have proven to be one of the best ISPs for small business. They offer wide coverage and a variety of plans. Two of the best ones are $60 USD per month for 25 mbps and $85 USD per month for 50 mbps, which are two excellent options for small businesses.

Charter Spectrum

Although Charter Spectrum isn’t as low-priced as AT&T, they provide many other benefits. For $99.99 USD, you get 100 mbps, with no cancellation fees in addition to custom contract lengths and month-to-month plans. A worthy investment.

Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity provides the biggest variety of plans out of all the ISPs on the list. They have various prices and packages, with various conditions. See which ones suits you best.

Charter Spectrum for Southwest

If you live in the Southwest US, make use of this excellent offer. For $99.99 USD, you get 200 mbps with all the freedom you need in terms of contractual obligations, with added monthly plans.

Verizon FiOS

For small businesses in the Northwest, this plan is the best choice. They provide excellent bandwidths, with reasonable prices. There are cancellation fees, but only at 35% of the remaining contract balance. Month-to-month plans are available but for a higher price.