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5 of the Best PS4 Games You Can Play for Free

While You're Waiting

Sony is being a bit tight-lipped about the upcoming PlayStation 5, what with their decision to skip out on E3 this year, but the PS5 is coming — and soon. Which means the extremely successful PlayStation 4 is on the way out. Despite this, there are still some free PS4 games to check out.

Video games aren’t getting any cheaper (it seems like every limited/special edition of a video game costs $100 to $150 nowadays), and since there's a new console on the way, it might be a good idea to stop splurging on new PS4 games.

Luckily for you, there are a bunch of free PS4 games available that are well worth your time. The following are sure to keep you entertained while you wait for the new console to come out — and will help you save your hard-earned cash for PS5 games.

So connect your PS4 controllers and get playing the following titles!


You had to know this was coming right?

Regardless of how gamers feel about the Battle Royale sub-genre of FPS games, there is no denying the star power of Epic Games’ Fortnite. Starting out with its Save the World game mode, Fortnite later branched out into the Battle Royale sub-genre.

It took a few seasons for Fortnite to work out some kinks, but once it did, its popularity skyrocketed. Fortnite took the world by storm and was easily the biggest gaming phenomenon of 2018 — perhaps one of the biggest of all time.

Not a fan of Battle Royale games? You should still give Fortnite a chance as the game is constantly evolving. Season 8 introduced the hamster ball, which is pretty much the Fortnite version of Super Monkey Ball.

As well, Fortnite’s new Fortnite Creative mode turned the game into a fusion of Minecraft, a party game, and Super Mario Maker. This game mode lets players do pretty much whatever they want, meaning the only limits they'll come up against are the limits of their creativity.

Players within the community create all sorts of wonky games and levels that everyone can enjoy. Only players who own the Battle Pass can create their own games in Creative, but anyone can experience these games by entering in the games' respective codes.

Epic Games is hard at work keeping their golden goose a fresh experience, and they are doing a good job. So drop whatever preconceptions you had about Fortnite and give the game a chance. After all, it’s free. What do you have to lose?