A person pushing a power button on an electric bike.

4 Electric Bikes to Make Commuting Easier

Electric Bikes for Adults

Biking is not only a leisure activity — it is also a way of commuting to work and other places. With technology advancements, electric bikes for adults have become more popular. Aside from efficiency, they make biking a lot easier.

When buying an electric bike, there are a few features to keep in mind. While speed is a main quality factor of an electric bike, there are more features that can make your ride a lot more pleasant.
In this article, you will learn everything about electric bikes for adults and what the best options are.

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric bike or an e-bike contains an electric motor, unlike the conventional bicycles that run on manual power. These motorized bicycles are faster and have futuristic appeal. Some electric bikes have pedals while others don't.

The motors of these bikes run on high-powered batteries that allow the bike to move faster and smoother. Some bikes have bulky batteries displayed on the exterior, while other models have hidden batteries for a sleeker look.

The Technology Behind an Electric Bike

An electric bike uses electrical power with the help of heavy-duty batteries to propel the bike forward. These motors add speed and smoothness to the ride. It also requires less manual power through a pedal than a conventional bicycle.

These rechargeable batteries can be charged through an electric power pump or home. There are different classes of e-bikes that determine their speed without pedaling. The common classes range from class 1 to class 3, with speeds ranging from 20 miles per hour to 28 miles per hour.

Benefits of an Electric Bike

Electric bikes are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. There are several benefits of using an e-bike:

  • It allows for an easier and quicker commute to work.
  • Electric bikes are more environmentally friendly.
  • They are easier to drive and require lesser manual energy.
  • They are still healthier to ride than cars because they require different muscle movement.
  • Electric bikes are easier to drive up hills and require less strength than conventional ones.
  • It is also safer than a regular bike.
  • These bikes are quick to start and stop when required.
  • You can explore nature for a longer period on an e-bike without getting tired.

Top 4 Electric Bikes for Adults

Here are the top four e-bikes for adults with different skill levels.

1. Aventon Aventure Ebike

Price: $1,999

For ultimate strength and versatility without compromising the elegance of the design, the Aventon Aventure Ebike is the best option to go with.


  • 45 miles average range.
  • 4-inch tires.
  • 28 miles per hour top speed.
  • App sync functionality.

Why It’s the Best

The Aventon Aventure is available in three colors and sizes to perfectly suit your requirements. This class 2 bike can easily be configured into a class 3 bike with the help of its high-power battery.
With this bike, you can speed drive on roads without losing stability. In addition, the ergonomic handles and pedals offer a better grip on the bike for a safer and smoother drive.

2. RadRunner 2 Electric Utility Bike

Price: $1,499

If you are looking for a functional, fun bike that is easy on the pocket, then the RadRunner 2 Electric Utility Bike is the option to go for.


  • 750-watt motor.
  • 45 plus miles per charge.
  • Low-step frame design.
  • Custom LED display.

Why It’s the Best

This affordable bike is marketed as the "Jack of All Trades" on the website because of its high-efficiency design. So, whether you use it for commuting to work or exploring the wilderness with your friends, this bike is the best option.

It can carry 300 pounds and comes with extra protective features to ensure a safe ride. In addition, each part of the bike is intentionally designed to serve a purpose, getting you complete value for your money.

3. LeMond Prolog

Price: $4,795

The LeMond Prolog. is a high-quality yet lightweight bike with ultra-high functionality. Even though it is a bit pricier, its prime features can justify the price.


  • Monocoque carbon fiber frame.
  • 250-watt Mahle X35+ rear hub motor.
  • Token aluminum wheelset.
  • Weighs 27 pounds.
  • GRX shifting.

Why It’s the Best

The lightweight bike is ideal for commuting and riding uphill due to its easily controllable body. This electric bike is available in three colors and sizes to suit your preference. It is known as one of the lightest e-bikes on the market, making even the longest rides a lot more comfortable.

The strong motor makes this bike even easier to work with. In addition, the ergonomic handlebars and pedals allow a comfortable and safe ride without tiring your muscles out.

4. Montague M-E1

Price: $3,995

Do you want a bike that you can travel with around the world? The Montague M-E1 is a foldable electric bike that you can store in your car, truck, or garage without a hassle.


  • 250-watt motor.
  • 418-watt hour battery.
  • 700c wheels.
  • Single quick-release folding.

Why It’s the Best

This electric bike is designed for portability and safety. You can travel by this bike throughout the world and secure it in your car trunk, closet, or small garage. The strong battery allows you to ride the bike on the most challenging surfaces at a fast yet safe speed.

From the handlebars and pedals, to the seat, everything in the Montague M-E1 is foldable. It is considered one of the most convenient bikes in the market that can fulfill the demands of riders with different skill levels.

In Conclusion

Electric bikes are more efficient and quicker than regular bikes. Furthermore, their advanced features are why they are becoming more common among bikers these days. However, they are a bit different in operations, so make sure you know how to use an electric bike before you invest your money in it.

Aventon is one of the top brands with premium quality electric bikes to choose from. Their e-bikes are not designed considering all levels of bikers in mind, but they are also quite affordable. Once you get a bike that suits all your requirements, it will be your best leisure and commuting companion.