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Increase Your Sales in 2019 with These eCommerce Website Design Tips

Create an Innovative Experience for Your Customers

As 2019 comes to a close, website design companies are busily preparing for the New Year. According to a peer reviewed journal article by Gitte Lindgaard, the average visitor only needs 50 milliseconds to establish an opinion about a website. Thus, it is of the utmost importance for eCommerce sites to make a good first impression.

Are you experiencing a lot of visitors but not much revenue? Are you dissatisfied by your statistics reports? Follow these 10 simple eCommerce website design tips that are specifically made to help eCommerce websites succeed.

1. Simple Is the Way to Go

Minimalism was the trend in 2018, and will continue onward into 2019. Customers tend to view colorful and overly-designed websites as untrustworthy. This behavior is a result of “marketing fatigue,” a feeling of being overwhelmed consumers experience when they are accosted by too many promotions and too much information.

To instill trust in your customers, opt for a minimalistic, simple design. Focus on geometric shapes, simple information and calls to action placed on the homepage.

2. Contrast Matters

Even though minimalism is overwhelmingly popular right now, you can still experiment with colors. To use colors in a minimalistic way, choose contrasting hues to bring focus to individual elements.

To get precise results, use Color Wheel, an automated color generator. As well, changing the colors for the holidays is always a welcome addition and can add a whole different flare to your brand.

All the text should be in a darker color, whereas the background should provide the right basis for every other element.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Redesign

Most marketers and eCommerce website owners are wary of doing a redesign. But they really shouldn’t be, as 93% of customers say the visual experience is the key factor when purchasing something.

A major element of leaving a lasting impression is change. You can accomplish this by redesigning your website from time to time.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give it a total makeover. For example, fonts and logos should always stay the same. We’ve already mentioned the significance of contrasting colors, so pick two and change them up.

4. Permanent Shopping Carts Are the Way to Go

Too many people get caught up in the chaos of shopping. Some abandon their shopping carts intentionally, while others simply forget them. To generate more sales, you need to have a permanent shopping cart feature. What exactly are the benefits of it?

When customers see their past items in the cart, this may cause them to revisit the idea of purchasing the items. Make sure the cart is in the form of a widget or a chat with a window-like box.

5. Never Hide Pricing

It’s especially important for those offering services to know that consumers are developing an aversion to clickbait, fake news and gimmicks. Thus, you should keep the pricing visible, honest and always accessible. People appreciate honesty and may even make the purchase even if the price seems too high.

Hiding prices and not showing them in CTAs and banners is a big mistake that will put off customers. Numbers should always be big and contrast the background.

6. Start a Content Section

If you’re not using content marketing as a part of your strategy, start now. Every eCommerce website should feature a content section. Not only does it inform your customers, but it also brings diversity to the whole design.

Don’t hesitate to write about the benefits of the products you sell. You can also include guides about each product and add videos to the mix. Infographics and other forms of visual enticement will also drive sales.

7. High-Quality Photos and Angles

For every individual product, you must invest effort into demonstrating it the right way. This includes a realistic preview so customers know what they’re ordering. The basis of every product page should include a big image, in hi-res, with multiple angles of each product

An interesting element to consider is creating real-time and animated product videos. Why are product videos so important? They cause people to pay attention. According to research by Wirebuzz, people retain 95% of the message in a video, compared to 10% in text format.

8. Think About Virtual Reality

Imagine your customers clicking on a page on your website and being transported into a virtual store. Within the website, they can navigate to a virtual room that can be designed any way you want.

The best part? It costs much less than building a virtual store, plus the whole experience is futuristic.

Don’t be afraid to take steps into the future before anyone else. Explore how the technology works and the current developments. Providing your customers with the best experience will be even more exciting in 2019.

9. Feature Reviews Everywhere

Customers tend to put more faith in fellow consumers than in the product’s website. As paradoxical as it sounds, this trend for eCommerce websites will continue in 2019. To reinforce trust in your brand, plaster the homepage and individual product pages with reviews.

The important thing here is to feature both negative and positive reviews. Allowing people to voice their opinion communicates that your brand is transparent and open to criticism.

Concluding Thoughts

eCommerce website designers will have their hands full in 2019. Simplicity is still the prime goal of all designers, as well as enhancing product experience with images and VR. Don’t forget to be transparent with prices and features. If you follow all these tips, 2019 just might be the year your sales take off.