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Finding the Right Cell Phone Plan to Fit Your Lifestyle

Do Your Research

Black Friday is upon us, and you’re probably already looking for the best phone carrier plans. Even though it’s good to look for different cell phone plans, there is no need to rush. A new plan might seem like it’s beneficial and enticing, but a lot of carriers and companies include hidden incentives. In addition to this, the Black Friday rush can lead you to buy a phone you don’t need.

To help you pick the best cell phone plans, as well as the phone you need, we’ve done some research. As a result, we’ve picked the most stellar deals, as well as a collection of tips on how to pick the right phone.

What to Consider

Before we analyze the best phone plans, we should look at the best phone offers. Keep in mind that you’re buying your phone to use in the foreseeable future, so you need to think about your choice before you make a pick.

Let’s look at some tips and factors you need to take into consideration.

  • Don’t fall for excessive marketing and shiny new features if you’ve bought a phone less than a year ago. There is no way you need a new phone after a few months, barring any damage.
  • Cheap is not always better. The budget phone trend is gaining traction, but it does people more damage than good. Purchasing a cheap phone that can’t handle all you’re going to need it for is a failed investment. Buying a high-end model for $900+ that never breaks down will end up being cheaper than a $200 phone that always breaks down.
  • If you’re able to get your hands on a family deal, use it. Chances like that don’t come often, and you can sell the used phone to someone else.
  • Think of what you need and ask an expert for the best choices.
  • Don’t ask store salesmen for the best phones “up to a certain price.” Sometimes, spending $100 more can get you a better phone and save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Look for special deals related to your bank. On Black Friday, many stores offer phone specials for specific banks and cards.

The Best Cell Phone Plans

A lot of carriers update their cell phone plan roster during the fall. Many old ones are being remodified and updated, and new ones are being added. To help you choose from the best cell phone plans, we’ve decided to see how these all compare. Each one was chosen according to a particularly impressive characteristic.

Best Unlimited Talk and Text Plans

Best Price

Simple Mobile: $25 unlimited plan

If you’re in need of unlimited text and calls, you should give this Simple Mobile plan a try. Not only is it cheap, but you also get 3GB of full speed internet. By choosing to have automatic recharges, you can get a $5 monthly discount. The full speed data can also be used as a mobile hotspot.

Best Network Speed

FreeUP Mobile: $20 Unlimited 1GB Plan

Being on a budget shouldn’t be a problem. Not only is this cell phone plan only $20/month, but you also get 1GB of premium 4G LTE service on this subsidiary of AT&T. Although 1GB may not be a lot for most people, the unlimited data and minutes, along with supreme network quality, make up for it.

Best Unlimited Data Plans

Best Features

AT&T Unlimited &More Premium - $80/month + $30 upfront

With this AT&T plan you get unlimited premium data. Along with it, you also have 15GB of hotspot-exclusive data at your disposal. If you’re a frequent traveler, you might also be interested in various text, talk, and data privileges when in Mexico and Canada. You also get access to their new WatchTV feature.

Best Price

Boost Mobile's Unlimited Gigs Plan - $25 (50% Off)

If you’re looking to save money and have an excellent plan at your disposal, now’s your chance. Boost Mobile decided to overhaul their pricing system and have offered 50% off on their Unlimited Gigs plan until November 5, 2018. Everything in the plan is unlimited, plus you also get an additional 8GB of 4G LTE data for hotspot use. If you miss the sale, it’s still only $50/month.

Best Family Plans

T-Mobile ONE Family Plan - $160/month + $100 upfront

With this special T-Mobile plan, you can get a bargain deal at just $160/month. Within the price, you get 4 lines of unlimited data, Netflix subscriptions for a whole year, and unlimited 3G hotspot use. For families that are in need of a Black Friday overhaul and new phones, this plan is the right choice. It is ideal for both long-term and short-term solutions.

Best Senior Plans

Best Price and Quality

T-Mobile One 55+ - $50/month + $25 upfront

For senior citizens, this T-Mobile plan has been the best possible choice for years. The data is unlimited, plus you also get additional benefits if you pay your bill through certain banks. The network quality is also exceptional for everyday use.

With Black Friday coming up, purchasing any of these plans for you or your loved ones is a great choice. Upon buying them, expect some additional benefits and discounts as the holiday approaches. The holiday season is a wonderful time, and you can save a lot of money on great cell phone plans and phones.