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Our Top Four Picks for Best Tablet

The season of giving is finally here! With tons of gifts, brands, and ideas on the market, which one is the best for you? Tablets are a great choice to give to your loved ones. Although, there are tons of brands on the market that might confuse you. Choosing a tablet suitable for your needs is difficult. There are tons of factors to consider, such as storage capability, screen size, app availability, the operating system, supported accessories, security, price, and size. This article will help you choose the best tablet, and tablet cases.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple has once again pushed their own boundaries with the new iPad Pro. The iPad Pro is a beast; it’s full of potential. From what Apple has been doing lately, it seems like they want to replace the MacBook with iPads in the next few years. The 2018 iPad Pro has smaller bezels compared to its predecessor. It comes in two sizes: an 11-inch and a 12.9-inch model. Both models feel massive in your hands, but it is lightweight (1.03-1.39 pounds), and its thickness (0.23 inch) makes it manageable compared to other tablets and laptops.

Apple has included their Face ID on the iPad Pro. Unlike other IOS devices, this version of Face ID allows you to unlock the device from any orientation. The Apple Pencil was also drastically improved, and now has a resting place by using the iPad Pro’s built-in magnets. It has added functionality which is great for designing and drawing. The best feature on the iPad Pro is it now has a USB C port. The new port gives the iPad Pro more versatility, such as adding multiple monitors, an Ethernet jack, and SD card reader.

The best case for the Apple iPad Pro is the UAG Metropolis which provides maximum protection, and is perfect for any use.

The iPad Pro is easily the best iPad. If you want to replace your laptop or MacBook for mobile tasks, then choose the iPad Pro.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Can a tablet replace a laptop? The answer depends on what tasks you want to do. The Microsoft Surface Pro begs to differ. It may look like a laptop, but it is a tablet. It’s faster, has a great battery life, facial recognition software, and a powerful (quad-core processor).

The design, however, is still the same as last year. It is 0.33 inches thin and weighs 1.7 pounds. The downside of the Surface Pro is that it still doesn’t have a USB-C. But, if you want to replace your laptop with something that is lighter, has more computing abilities, and has Windows OS, then the Microsoft Surface Pro is the best tablet choice for you.   

Apple iPad

If you want a cheaper alternative for the iPad Pro, the classic Apple iPad is your best choice. It may not offer the beast specs and features, but the iPad is still a great tablet, especially for its price.

The Apple Pencil also supports the iPad, which gives it more dimension and a better experience for a standard tablet. The iPad 2018 also offers an upgraded processor (A10) that is similar to the iPhone 7. The camera isn’t its best feature, but with just 8 megapixels (rear) and 1.2 megapixels (front) it gets the job done. However, the camera and the device itself has AR support which makes it more valuable compared to other tablets.

Headphone jacks are usually missing on mobile devices nowadays, but the latest version of the Apple iPad has a headphone jack, so you don’t need to spend extra money on wireless headphones. The display features on the 2018 Apple iPad are also great. The retina display is one of Apple’s best features on tablets and mobile phones.

When it comes to finding the best case, we recommend the UAG Folio for impact protection, and the Fintie keyboard case for document tasks, similar to a laptop.

Amazon Fire HD 8

Amazon has made it clear that they want to compete with major tablet brands with their Amazon Fire product line. This tablet won’t make your jaw drop with its features and specifications, but the Fire HD 8 can be your basic tablet.

The 8-inch IPS display has a 1200x800 screen resolution which is perfect for basic functions like streaming movies or shows on Amazon Prime, read on a Kindle, listen to audiobooks on Audible, and surf the web.

The best feature of the Amazon Fire is Alexa. By using voice commands, you can control the tablet just like the Amazon Echo. With its specs, don’t expect it to be great at running multiple apps. It only has 1.5 GB of RAM which makes it fair for its price.

The best case for the Amazon Fire HD 8 is either the all new HD 8 tablet leather case or the Ztotop folio case.