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Can a Smart Scale Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals?

More Information Is Always Better

Scales are often maligned and for meaningful reasons. Traditional analog scales give you a very small amount of useful information, but can easily be demotivating and lead to an unhealthy self-image. Once you fall into the cycle of constantly checking your weight, it’s difficult to break out of it.

However, scales, like most products, have drastically changed with the advent of new technologies. Smart scales can provide you with a lot of useful and actionable information regarding your health.

Nowadays, it is possible to track multiple in-depth metrics that are important for health using these scales. Unlike analog scales, smart scales can be an important tool for achieving your health or fitness goals.

What Is a “Smart Scale” or “Connected Bathroom Scale”?

A smart scale is a scale that measures multiple factors — at the very least weight, BMI and body fat. Smart scales are connected with desktop or mobile apps via WiFi or Bluetooth. Many models are capable of tracking even more complex information, such as water weight, muscle mass, bone mass and heart rate.

Although smart scales differ from product to product, most use harmless electrical currents that travel through your body to determine weight, fat and muscle content. This method, called bioelectrical impedance analysis, is much more precise and consistent than a traditional scale. There is an important thing to note here — even this method isn’t foolproof and shouldn’t be taken as gospel.

One common issue is that people who tend to put on more weight on their legs and hips will get results that are slightly skewed to the worse. Still, this method is the most precise and, even if the numbers may be slightly off, they are still useful to determine if you fall into a healthy range and for tracking long-term changes.

Smart scales sync with their app every time you weigh yourself. This allows you to precisely track your progress through time, and by doing this, you get a more precise overview of your achievements, and can make meaningful adjustments when needed.

Smart scales are great for building positive habits, and the information they provide far overshadows that of their analog predecessors. In simple words, smart scales do everything regular scales do, but better, and they offer a plethora of new features.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to using a smart scale. They are, simply by their design, much more convenient devices. Put simply, using a smart scale is easy. The wealth of information you can get from these devices can give you a more complete image of your health.

When you use a smart scale, the information is instantly logged and synced with your app. This backlog of information is great for detecting long-term changes in your health, but the fact that is done automatically makes it much less of a hassle. There’s no need to write anything down, or to, for example, ponder how much of the weight you’ve gained is muscle mass.

Smart scales can also help your entire family. With so much of the process automated, it’s easy to keep track of your entire family’s health. Even if other members of your family weigh about the same as you do, the scale will ask the user to identify themselves. Smart scales provide a fantastic one-step solution to tracking the health of the entire household

Seeing as how these scales can track changes in many health factors, the information they provide is much more useful. Also, these long-term overviews can be extremely beneficial to your doctor — if you use a smart scale, they’ll have a lot more information to base their suggestions on.

One of the most grueling experiences is looking at the number on the scale. But this can be avoided with a smart scale: simply don’t look — the information will be logged. You can still see your long-term progress, but it’s a great way to keep yourself from getting discouraged or demoralized.

Best Smart Scales

Fitbit Aria 2 WiFi Smart Scale

Fitbit’s Aria 2 is a fantastic product that will satisfy even the most detail-oriented customer. It’s easy to set up and use and is packed full of powerful features from a trusted source.

The Aria 2 tracks weight, BMI, lean mass and body fat percentage. All of this information is automatically synced to your Fitbit dashboard via your home WiFi network. This information is presented with simple, easy to understand graphs.

This product can be set up very quickly — the process is simple, requiring only a mobile phone with Bluetooth access. The entire setup process takes just a few minutes. The Aria 2 can recognize up to eight different users and it keeps your stats private from other users.

This scale features a sleek, modern and minimalistic polished glass design. But don’t be fooled by the elegant exterior — it can measure a maximum of 400 pounds of weight.

Innotech Smart Bluetooth Scale

Innotech’s Smart Bluetooth Scale is a product that will ensure you get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s available at a very affordable price point, but this is a high-end product. This slim and stylish scale uses four sensors to ensure maximum accuracy. It works up to a weight of 400 pounds, with a precision of 0.2 pounds.

This smart scale tracks nine factors, including water weight, muscle mass, BMI, bone mass and visceral fat. To put it simply, it can give you an in-depth analysis of your body. It features its own app, which is used to both set up the scale and track your progress, but the scale can also be synced with Fitbit, Google Fit and Apple Health.

Innotech’s Smart Bluetooth Scale supports up to 10 user profiles, making it a great pick even for the busiest of households. It’s a product that is packed full of immense value.