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5 Apps That Make Working From Home Easier

Apps for Working From Home

If there is one thing that COVID-19's necessary quarantine has taught us, it is that working from home is possible and practical. This modern, digitalized world has brought about astounding technological gadgets that make working in isolation easier and more productive. They eliminate the traditional idea of spending 40 hours per week in a cubicle. There are also apps for working from home that can make your experience easier.

When talking about working from home, views and opinions contradict, but you cannot deny the perks:

  • No restrictions
  • No dress codes
  • Flexible timings
  • No “being late” for work
  • Talking to your kids instead of missing them in your cubicle

And the list goes on. Developers have created tons of useful apps for this purpose, making working from home (even those projects that require real-time updates and communication) a possibility.

Working From Home Made Possible

The questions raised are, why work from home in the first place when there are already offices designated solely for employees to commit to their work and what advantages does working in isolation bring?

The Scope of Digital Apps

Whether it is shopping, accounting, or analyzing, almost all of the work that occurs takes place on computers today. The designated apps listed in this article provides you with features such as video chats, conference calls, instant messaging and so much more. All that is needed to take full advantage of these features is a stable internet connection and a laptop.

Hiring Beyond Boundaries

Employees are not the only ones who benefit from this situation. With working from home undergo, geographical limitations cease to exist. Employers can hire the best workers from all around the world, saving their talent from being wasted.

Cost-Effective Approach

Moreover, there is no need to rent out a large office to host workers. If everyone works on their own in isolation, they have to pay for their bills. This is a huge advantage for employers as utility and office bills instantly decrease.

Best Apps for Working From Home

Many useful apps have been created to make working from home possible, which provides us with the best features that make communication easy. Seriously, without these apps, the world would be at a standstill. Here is our rundown on some of the best apps for working from home.


Slack is one of the most popular apps used by organizations, and for a good reason. It offers a bunch of features that connect remote workers.

Video conferences, voice calls and several messaging chat rooms are a few basic features that the app offers. What makes it a favorite among organizations is that it contains 450 integration apps that allows workers to do almost everything.

Slack lets you share and edit documents. You can create multiple communication channels for individuals as well as groups.

Moreover, the app offers a lot more features:

  • Notifications
  • Mentions
  • A secure working environment with two-factor authentication for your account


The next one on our list is Dropbox, a cloud-based file sharing app. It's a leading software in the world of sharing, editing and storing documents.

Dropbox offers a free trial that you can use on any device, whether it is an Android or Apple laptop. All you have to do is download the application on your preferred device.

What makes Dropbox so useful? It lets you share and edit documents, given that you have the permission to do so. It provides instant notifications on any changes that occur on the file, and sharing is not limited to any number of people.

To add to this, Dropbox instantly backs up images, files and albums. You’ll always have the chance to retrieve back the files or pictures that you have mistakenly deleted.


Another great app that organizes online meetings, conferences and brings workers on the same track is Asana. A well-liked app, Asana allows you to convey work, projects and deadlines.

Whether it is about connecting with the team or keeping them on the same page, Asana is a fantastic app that makes working from home as easy as you like.

This app offers features such as building your timeline so that deadlines are never missed. Offering over a hundred integrations to choose from, Asana offers everything from emails, to attachments, to files in one space.

Do you know why this app is great for team projects? Asana offers more features than activity feed, such as notifications and reminders, specific project sections, commenting on tasks, iPhone support and HTML5 mobile site support.


Want to work from home? Toggl is a must-have Chrome extension for time management.

Time-tracking is one of the features that sets Toggl apart from other applications. To simply put it, Toggl analyzes the amount of time that you put on one task and shows it to you. This way, you can examine where you or your team spend most of the time, leading to better time management. Furthermore, it offers over a hundred app integrations.

If that was not enough, you can get other services such as calculating your bills and ensuring that you receive the correct amount of money for the time you have invested in the projects.


Zoom, a video conferencing app, has recently proved to be quite useful for implementing working from home. Undoubtedly, Zoom is one of the most sought-after applications for hosting video meetings. It's easy to get the hang of and host up to 100 people in one meeting.

Zoom is now used by over 300 million users worldwide as of April 2020, even though it was relatively unknown before the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because it's free. And it is so uncomplicated, even a novice in technology can easily use this application.

Meetings can be recorded and screens can be shared. Zoom also offers users to add virtual backgrounds, and the best part is that an account is not needed to enter a meeting.

In Conclusion

No matter how different these apps are, all these applications' main goal is to make work from home more comfortable. These apps have made sure that in this pandemic, workers safely isolate themselves while being productive at the same time.

We hope, by reading this far, you have a better understanding of all the apps mentioned above. Each of the apps offers unique features to establish connections among team members, so that everyone remains on the same page.

Go ahead and choose an app that suits your needs.