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5G is Rolling Out: 4 of the Best 5G Phones Available

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News of the brand-new, cutting-edge 5G network has taken the world by storm. This powerful new technology will allow us to achieve never before seen speeds. We are on the brink of an entirely new level of interconnectivity.

This new type of network is still being rolled out. Because of that, 5G phones are still a rarity at present. But as the network expands, so too will the market. If you want to ensure that you can make use of the benefits of this state-of-the-art technology, you’ll need a 5G phone.

We’ve covered some of the best 5G phones below.


Apple’s latest iPhone models don’t support 5G. This decision came as a shock to many in the tech industry, but it wasn’t a fluke. Apple is betting that 5G models will become a big hit in 2020 and that rolling out 5G compatible iPhones in 2019 would have been rushing into things.

Apple’s long-standing feud with Qualcomm also played a part in this decision. Nevertheless, Apple is planning to release three 5G-ready iPhone models in 2020, most likely Q3 or Q4. So we will get to enjoy the benefits of 5G on Apple’s smartphones, but we’ll have to wait until the latter half of next year.

Apple’s settlement with Qualcomm has sped things up a bit. The first models will be based on Qualcomm’s technology and chipsets, but Apple is planning to eventually switch to a completely in-house approach, even for 5G.

So, you can’t get a 5G iPhone as of right now, but the future is looking bright, and we’re looking forward to the second half of 2020. We’re excited to see how 5G will play into Apple’s dominant flagship product.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones is always a strong contender when it comes to high-end flagship models. Samsung has begun to roll out 5G compatible models of the Galaxy S10.

The Galaxy S10 has a 6.7-inch dynamic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, which is protected by the newest Corning Gorilla Glass technology. The screen supports HDR10+ and a resolution of 1440x3040 pixels.

The screen is also IP68-rated for dust and water. The screen-to-body ratio is 89.4%, and the PPI density is an impressive 502. With all that being said, it is still remarkably light, weighing in at just 198 grams, or 7 ounces.

This model runs on the Android 9.0 operating system, and it packs a lot of punch. It has an octa-core 2x2.73 gigahertz Mongoose CPU, which meshes well with Qualcomm’s 7-nanometer Snapdragon 855 chipset.

The S10 also boasts an impressive 8 gigabytes of RAM, as well as either 256 or 512 gigabytes of internal storage space. The battery is no less impressive, clocking in at a staggering 4,500-milliampere-hour capacity.

The quad-camera setup ranges from 12 megapixels to 16 megapixels, while the selfie camera has 10 megapixels. The Galaxy S10 5G can capture video at up to 2160 pixels at 60 frames per second.

Huawei Mate 20X 5G

Huawei’s Mate 20X 5G is a real powerhouse, one that is filled to the brim with enticing features. Huawei’s high-end products are already desirable, but 5G will take them to entirely new heights.

The Mate 20X 5G has a 7.2-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen, which is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. It has a resolution of 1080x2244 pixels, with a screen-to-body ratio of 87.6%, and a PPI density of 346.

It also runs on Android 9.0, and uses the 7-nanometer HiSilicon Kirin 980 chipset, with a 2x2.6 gigahertz octa-core CPU. It has 8 gigabytes of RAM, as well as 256 gigabytes of internal storage space. It also has a Nano-SIM card slot, which can support up to 256 gigabytes of additional storage.

The triple-camera setup ranges from 8 megapixels to a staggering 40 megapixels, while the selfie camera has 24 megapixels. It can record footage at up to 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second.

It features a non-removable 4,200-milliamp-hour battery and also supports fast-charging. Other interesting features include active noise cancellation for the microphone and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner for easy unlocking.

Motorola Moto Z4

Motorola’s Moto Z4 is a great example of a more affordable 5G mobile phone. It’s still a top of the line product, but it’s designed for a much different price range. Several unexpected, interesting features make it stand out.

The 6.4-inch screen with a PPI density of 403 delivers amazing graphics. The Z4 is very light, weighing in at just 165 grams or 5.82 ounces. It has a screen-to-body ratio of 84.8%.

It runs on Android 9.0 and has quite impressive specifications. A Qualcomm 11-nanometer SDM675 Snapdragon chipset and an octa-core 2x2.0 gigahertz CPU provide a lot of power.

The Z4 has a single-camera setup, but that camera has an astonishing 48 megapixels, while the selfie camera is no less impressive, with 25 megapixels. The Z4 can capture video up to 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second.

It has a solid 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of internal storage. However, it supports microSD cards, which can add an astonishing 1 terabyte of additional storage. The battery has a capacity of 3,600 milliamp hours and is compatible with fast-charging.