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5 of the Best Intranet Platforms

Best Intranet Platforms

If you run a dynamic and modern workplace, then you know that an intranet platform is an essential component in maintaining performance and achieving goals. It is designed to help connect your amazing workforce from around the world. Furthermore, intranet solutions streamline workflow and communication, make teams more productive and help retain employees while boosting employee incentive. In this article, we will talk about the best intranet platforms.

What is Intranet?

Let’s start with the basics. An intranet platform is a private network that securely shares an organization’s information and all the computing resources between in-house and remote employees. It is also often used for teleconferences and meetings.

According to a Deloitte survey, a social intranet connection increases employee satisfaction by 20% and enhances employee retention by 87%. This happens because these platforms build a solid communication architecture, keeping employees in the loop and connected.

Implementing an intranet platform at your office is about creating a social channel to access shared and stored information in the most accessible and safe way. It also helps colleagues to connect in real-time to manage work productivity and find solutions to common problems.

5 Best Intranet Platforms in the U.S.

If you reside in the U.S., these five best intranet platforms may help you establish a secure, dynamic and flexible work environment. Below we have shared all their details, including features and prices.

1. Akumina

Akumina helps connect your employees to their work and tasks within the business. This “employee experience platform and intranet” uses intuitive and simple technology to enhance productivity. In addition, Akumina aims to unify workplaces under a similar culture, vision and mission.


  • Tailored digital workplace.
  • Content management through advanced editing features.
  • Integrated hub for corporate communication.
  • Wellness tools.
  • Streamlined access, push notifications and native mobile.
  • Custom user experience (UX) and design.

If you think Akumina ticks all the right boxes, you can book a demo to experience this intranet provider before settling on a feasible plan.


  • Creates personalized workplace experiences.
  • Comes with relevant content management tools.
  • Emphasizes wellness tools and employee feedback.
  • Enables enterprise search.


  • Slow customer support at times.

2. Friday

This modern yet simple intranet platform is a high-performing solution that creates a centralized and integrated hub. Friday provides your employees with an automated and convenient way to share updates on your work and create a productive workflow. What’s more, this platform helps in keeping your team working together and achieving milestones.


  • Clean and modern UX.
  • Comes with a digital headquarters (HQ).
  • Team profiles to know employees.
  • Quick integration with other applications.
  • Goal-tracking feature.
  • Enables posts to share company announcements.

You can try Friday for free and access its core features. There are also individual, team and company accounts with charges of $4, $6 and $100 per month per person. Before opting for a package, you can also try the free trial.


  • Easy to use.
  • Enhances team productivity.
  • Good integration with work chats.
  • Comes with many add-ons.


  • Not very advanced for complex structures.

3. Happeo

With a sudden shift to remote working, implementing an effective intranet platform to enable productivity has become more than crucial. Happeo does that brilliantly with features that help enterprises to grow and work in a stable and safe environment.

This is a cloud-based intranet platform that anyone can easily maintain. It features a user-friendly interface for convenient navigation. It is also ideal for large organizations that demand broad collaboration, sensitive data management and strong community building.

One of the best things about Happeo is that it works effectively with different Google Workspace apps and third-party tools.


  • Drag and drop feature.
  • Personalized homepage.
  • Features ready-made templates.
  • Multilingual support offerings.
  • Customized filters and search results.
  • Developer tools.
  • Influencer analytics.

If you think Happeo is for you, you can request a demo today. They provide three plans: Essential, Recommended and Custom Add-Ons, with each focusing on some unique offerings. The price of every plan depends on the number of users and features you want to utilize, so it is best to connect with a representative first.


  • Comes with ready-made tools.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Smooth integration with third-party apps.
  • Developer tools for additional assistance.
  • Flexible pricing plans.


  • Intranet pages builder lacks flexibility.

4. Simpplr

A distributed and misinformed workforce is a nightmare for any organization. However, with an intranet platform, such as Simpplr, aligning and connecting your employees becomes an easy task. It helps you clearly communicate with your teams, listen to their problems in real-time and curate solutions accordingly.

Simpplr is an enterprise-grade software with a modern and stunning UX to help complex companies improve their scalability, flexibility and security. It also proves beneficial in connecting your mobile workforce.


  • Personalized intranet.
  • Integration with cloud apps.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) connect recommendations available.
  • Employee profiles.
  • Employee directory available.
  • Video and photo hosting.
  • Employee advocacy and blogs.

This intranet service starts at $8 per month for every person. However, it provides tailored price quotes depending on your company’s size, support requirements and complexity. You can start with getting a demo and then contact the team for a perfect quote.


  • Striking and media-rich user interface (UI).
  • Easily manageable.
  • Ideal for complex organizations.
  • Takes days to deploy.
  • Stays up to date.


  • Fails to work correctly without a smooth internet speed.

5. ThoughtFarmer

ThoughtFarmer is an excellent intranet solution for an evolved workplace. It works as the soul of your hybrid office, so your employees stay engaged and informed. It has some fantastic communication tools, content management features, document management tools and social features to drive growth, enhance security and accelerate productivity.


  • Native mobile app.
  • Notifications and alerts.
  • In-app notifications.
  • Broadcasts available.
  • Page sharing feature.
  • Personalized homepages.
  • Policy management.
  • Group directory.
  • Content management.

ThoughtFarmer implements user-based pricing that is fair and simple. If you want the intranet solution for 50 to 99 users, the platform charges $10 per month for every user. The price then starts decreasing gradually with an increase in the number of users.

Enterprise License is a unique plan for 1,000 plus users. It is best to contact the team to know more.


  • Comes with an easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Offers excellent communication and content management tools.
  • Fair pricing.
  • Offers personalized notifications and broadcasts.


  • Self-hosting option may come with some glitches.

In Conclusion

Now that you have explored some of the best intranet providers in the U.S., it is time to shortlist a few and then choose one wisely. Effective intranet software can elevate your employees' productivity levels and build a quick and simple connection between them. In addition, an intranet platform is a necessity rather than a luxury for complex enterprises with both remote and in-house workforces.