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10 of the Best Sound Bars for Your Home Entertainment System

Get Movie Theater-Quality Sound in Your Living Room

Sound bars are by far the best mix of sound quality and convenience if you’re looking to upgrade your sound system. By picking the right sound bar, you get a device that turns your living room into a theater-like experience. And the best thing? You'll get incredible sound quality without having to pick spots for your speakers or deal with messy wiring.

A sound bar and a TV are a perfect match in terms of sound and image quality. Sound bars not only provide impeccable sound, but the best sound bars are durable and can work flawlessly for 10+ year.

To make the selection process easier, we’ve reviewed 10 of the best sound bars available in 2019. No matter which model you pick, you won’t be disappointed.

Sony HT-NT5

Cost: $798.00

Sony launched this product in an unusually ambitious manner, but it turns out they had every right to. This is one of the best-designed products we’ve had the pleasure of testing. The Sony HT-NT5 has all the features to make a real home theater.

What we like about it the most is the incredibly sleek and subtle design. The sound quality is everything you’d expect from a $800 bar — it's clean, crisp and unaltered, even when you raise the volume to the very max.

Vizio SB3621

Cost: $179.99

Here, we have the indubitable king of value sound bar for your home or office. At just $180, the Vizio SB3621 provides features that even some of the more premium sound bars don’t possess. It’s great for watching a movie and enjoying your Spotify or Apple Music playlists.

Integration with all devices is seamless, along with both Dolby and DTS decoding options. The build is strong and can even withstand falls from relatively normal heights. There is a functional LED display to control the bar, with easy instructions and a user-friendly interface. This is the best sound bar under $300.

Yamaha YAS-207

Cost: $299.95

You get a subwoofer with this stylish sound bar, and this just might be one our favorite sound bar features. Not only is the subwoofer excellently built, but it’s made from MDF instead of plastic. This allows it to withstand transport, being dropped and anything else that might happen to a sound bar.

Sound quality was Yamaha’s goal with the YAS-207, and they’ve managed to exceed the expectations they set themselves. With this valuable addition to your home theater system, you’re in for many nights of fun and relaxation.

Vizio SB362An-F6

Cost: $107.99

It’s not fair that a $100 sound bar sounds this good. You don't need to spend a lot of money to upgrade your TV and with this product you also don't have to deal with a lot of unnecessary features. This Vizio model provides Bluetooth and TV input, plus a crisp quality of sound that Vizio has become known for.

There are several sound modes, with almost no instances of delay or miscommunication. It’s a flexible and very subtle sound bar that will enhance your Netflix hours. An ideal sound bar for novices in the niche.

Pioneer SP-SB23W

Cost: $399.99

A lot of sound bars have the problem of blending the sound coming from the subwoofer and the main cabinet. Pioneer managed to avoid this relatively easily, resulting in the superb performance of the SP-SB23W.

There is a remote included and it makes the first few days much easier until you learn how to operate the sound bar. Keep in mind that this sound bar is a bit bigger, so make sure it doesn’t block your remote sensor.

Bose Soundbar 700

Cost: $749

At the higher end of sound bars, we have the Bose Soundbar 700. It’s another excellent product in a long line of great releases by Bose. What makes this sound bar interesting is the special Bose music app that allows for some customization we haven’t seen anywhere else.

Amazon Alexa is built-in, which means you might not even need the universal remote that's included in the package. If you want to modify the system, there are modules for the subwoofer and additional speakers.

Sonos Playbar

Cost: $670.55

If you want watching your HD television to rival going to a movie theater, Sonos has one of the best sound bars in 2019 for you. In addition to TV connectivity, you can also connect the Playbar to any Alexa-enabled device, including the Amazon Echo.

What allowed Sonos to make it onto this list is the fact that it has its own ecosystem. With surround-sound capabilities, you can wirelessly connect the Playbar to any other Sonos product and use it to its full potential. If you have other Sonos speakers — go for it!


Cost: $650.99

LG masterfully delivers Atmos capability and an array of features that are worthy of the best home theater systems. The sound quality is realistic, with intelligent calibration if the sound quality of the content you’re playing is not that good.

What makes the LG SK10Y so popular is its above-average size and surround-sound system, able to fill any room with sound, in its entirety. It’s probably the best sound bar for big rooms.

Samsung HW-N550

Cost: $499.99

Samsung has always been a feature-oriented brand, but make no mistake — the HW-N550 sound bar is no gimmick. The features aren’t as abundant as in most Samsung devices, making it clear that the emphasis is on sound quality and being able to play movies in the best possible way.

While there is no center channel control, the interface is very easy to use, especially for beginners. The design is sophisticated and can fit into any type of interior you place it in. A must-have in your home theater setup.

Denon HEOS Bar

Cost: $899

Denon equipped this cutting-edge sound bar with nine drivers and a special virtual surround system to make you feel like there are more speakers in the room. Out of all the sound bars on the list, the HEOS gives you the best atmosphere in terms of sound fluctuation.

It’s exceptional when tasked with playing music. Although there aren’t many audio altering options, it’s a sound bar you just have to try. The aesthetic appeal is a big factor in placing this excellent piece of technology on our list.